a Seven with a 200 hp roof and unique in the world

The Caterham Seven, the only model currently marketed by the British Caterham Cars, is quite a Rare avis in today’s market: a car in which passion prevails over reason.

And beyond the various versions of this convertible two-seater, we find a very peculiar one: this Caterham CSR GT Coupé that now concerns us.

It is a unique model, based on the Seven, but without being signed by the brand and having a hard top. It was conceived in 2013 and is now looking for a garage, because Bonhams auctions it online.

The bids will close in two days and the winner, at the time this article is written, is set at 15,000 euros. Although the price estimated by the British auction house ranges between 25,000 euros and 70,000 euros.

With just over 8,300 km traveled and assembled in Switzerland

Fuente: Bonhams

Developed and assembled in Switzerland, by HMC Helvetic Motor Company, the design of this Caterham CSR GT Coupé was sculpted by a former designer of sauber team of formula 1.

it is based on the Caterham Seven CSR 200, which is one of the roughest in the family of this fun English. That is, it has its chassis and mechanics, but the suit is different.

The body panels are new and, unlike the original model, has a roof, in addition to the fact that both the headlights and the fenders are integrated into the body. They also change the grill and the defenses.

In this way, the CSR GT Coupé It boasts an image that is more retro-futuristic than retro, also adding scissor doors. And the driving position is located on the left.

Fuente: Bonhams.

Under the hood there is nothing new, because we find the Duratec Cosworth petrol enginethat is of 2.3 liters and four cylinders. Therefore sign the 200 CV and a maximum pair of 224 Nmalso being managed by a six-speed manual gearbox, which transmits all its force to the rear axle.

His weight is set at about 700 kgsomething more than the Seven CSR 200. And with all these ingredients it promises to do the 0-96 km/h 3.7 seconds.

The interior, as sparse as that of Caterham itself, we find moldings in the same tone as the bodywork and black seats covered in Alcantara.

Fuente: Bonhams.

The instrumentation materializes in two analog clocks with the rev counter and the odometer, while the rest of the indicators are found under the console in the central tunnel. The set is completed with a simple gear lever in aluminum.

As detailed in his Bonhams file, it is in good condition at the body level, although with some other small chipping, and also mechanically, as they promise that it hardly shows any wear. According to his odometer, in his nine years of life has traveled 8,365 km.

It remains to be seen if the final bid raises the current 15,000 euros and is close to the maximum estimated by Bonhams, which exceeds that of the series model when it was sold new (about 57,200 euros here). Be that as it may, it is a good opportunity to get this unique Caterham coupé.

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