Apple inaugurates its second generation of ARM processors with the new M2

In the opening keynote of the annual event for Apple developers in this year’s edition there is also room for new hardware from the company.

Apple Inc has introduced its new self-developed integrated processor, the M2, which brings higher performance with the same power consumption as the original M1, thus inaugurating its second generation of processors under ARM architecture.

The new M2 is an embedded processor developed on a 5nm process. that houses 20 billion transistors, 25% more than the original M1, achieving an improvement of 18% at the CPU level and 35% at the GPU level compared to the M1.

The company has managed to improve the performance and efficiency of the new M2 by using new generation cores, composing the CPU with four high-performance cores, with a shared cache of 16 MB, and another four high-efficiency cores, with a shared cache of 4MB.

It also adds a bandwidth of 100GB/s for memory, assuming an improvement of more than 50% compared to the M1, and the possibility of reaching up to 24 GB of maximum LPDDR5 RAM memory integrated in the same SoC.

The new M2s also have a secure enclave and a new-generation neural engine, which, while still made up of 16 cores like the M1s, is capable of performing up to 15.8 billion operations per second, achieving a 40% improvement over that of the M2. M1.

As for the new media engine, it is now capable of processing 8K videos in H.264 and HEVC. Users of the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, also announced today, will be the first to benefit from all the improvements that the M2 will bring.

For Johny Srouji, senior vice president of Apple Hardware Technologies:

With our relentless focus on energy efficient performance, M2 delivers a faster CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine. And along with increased memory bandwidth and new capabilities like ProRes acceleration, M2 continues the tremendous pace of innovation in Apple’s silicon for the Mac.

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