Apple Watch: 5 useful features that not everyone knows


You must know these 5 Apple Watch features! You not only save the battery of the smartwatch, but also save time.

Apple Watch: 5 useful features that not everyone knows

Die Apple Watch is a small marvel of technology and you certainly do not yet know all the functions of the Smartwatch. Below we present five practical Apple Watch features that make everyday life easier.

Theater mode delivers messages silently. The Apple Watch does not play any sound or vibrate. In addition, the display remains dark. This can be extremely useful in the cinema or theater. To activate theater mode, proceed as follows.

1. Theater mode instead of “Do not disturb”

  1. Theatermodus Theatermodus


    Swipe up on the screen to open Control Center. Then tap on the two masks to activate theater mode. You don’t get any notifications and the screen stays black.

If you change the following setting, you save your battery, since the display is only activated when you turn the digital crown.

Custom quick replies can be very useful if you don’t want to use the pre-made replies. You can respond to a message with just a swipe of your finger. To write your own quick replies, you have to proceed as follows:

3. Custom quick replies

  1. Standardantworten Apple Watch Standardantworten Apple Watch


    Opens the Watch app on the phone. Tap on “Messages” and then on “Default replies”.

  2. Set default Apple Watch responses Set default Apple Watch responses


    Now select “Edit” and enter your own answers.

The Dock gives you quick access to your most important apps without having to open the app view and search for an application every time. How to add your favorite apps to the dock.

4. Important apps in Dock

  1. Customize the Apple Watch dock Customize the Apple Watch dock


    Open the Watch app and tap on “Dock”.

  2. View favorites or recently opened apps in the Apple Watch dock View favorites or recently opened apps in the Apple Watch dock


    Choose whether recently opened apps or up to 10 applications from your favorites should be displayed in the dock.

With this trick you have a remote trigger for your iPhone camera on your wrist and you can even check the picture before you press the shutter.

5. Taking photos

  1. Apple Watch camera app Apple Watch camera app


    Tap on the camera app.

  2. Links iPhone Kamera - rechts Apple Watch Links iPhone Kamera - rechts Apple Watch


    Now you see a transmission of the iPhone camera. You can now set a timer or take a picture right away.

Is your smartwatch quickly running out of breath? In the linked guide we show you how to do it Reduce Apple Watch battery consumption can.

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