as elegant and special as always, but adapted in everything to the current times

The third generation of Range Rover Sport arrives to continue the legacy of commercial success of the previous two, of which a total of one million units all over the world. We have been with the new Range Rover Sport 2022 and we tell you the first impressions with it.

The first Range Rover Sport hit the market in the year 2005 and remained until 2013, pioneering SUVs with more dynamic positioning than conventional off-roaders. The Range Sport perfectly complemented the luxurious ‘big’ Range Rover that continued to be a benchmark among those looking for a luxury car with country capabilities.

Range Rover Sport 2022 First Contact 2

Its most contained dimensions, a cooler exterior design and being able to keep intact the off-road capabilities intrinsic to Land Rover creations, made the success of that model was total and absolute.

20,000 units of the Range Rover Sport have been sold in Spain since 2005

In 2013 The second generation of the Range Rover Sport arrived, a model that has remained on the streets to this day, complemented by other models such as Evoque or Velar.

Range Rover Sport 2022 Interior

But logically time passes for everyone, technology in the automobile sector advances at a devilish pace and that means that the updates that all models receive during their commercial stage, known as ‘restyling’, have to give way to new generations that really allow incorporating all the advances available today in the market.

More dynamic and capable, also in sight

When Land Rover talks about the new Range Rover Sport, it refers to it as the most dynamic and capable of all times. That means, taken to colloquial language, that its dynamic capabilities on the road and for sports use are better than ever, but at the same time it maintains one of its hallmarks unchanged: the possibility of moving around the field with hardly any limitations.

Range Rover Sport Autobiography 030 Glhd 100522

The new model has been developed in parallel to the new Range Roverwith whom it shares engines and a large part of the technological endowments, although it must be clarified that the large Range continues to seek the most extreme comfort and luxury, while the second has a component more dynamic.

In the new Range Rover Sport there is no 7-seater option since it was hardly accepted in the market in the previous generation

El Range Rover Sport mide 4,95 m long in front of 4.88 m from the outgoing model, but despite this increase in size, they assure that thanks to the new platform it is a 35% stiffer than before

You have all the information of the new model hereand the prices in this other later articleso today we will focus on the first impressions that this car has transmitted to us, since we have had the opportunity to see the first unit that has arrived in Spain.

The first thing that stands out is the exterior design. With master’s degree They have managed to maintain the shape that has marked the appearance of the Range Rover Sport over the years, but they have done so by combining them with much more stylized design elements in keeping with current times.

The volumes are very marked, with a cabin assembly that seems to float above the rest of the vehicle body. This effect is emphasized by being the roof and pillars painted in black color next to the tinted rear windows.

What has evolved the most are the headlights and the front grille, which have been minimized size wise. Now they form a fine line that runs from end to end, aligning the headlights with a tiny black grille, which has nothing to do with the previous one.

Rrs 23my 27 Reveal Event 100522

Seen from the front, and especially in a unit with this gray body color in which the shiny black painted parts stand out, they make the horizontal modules like the second lower grill that allows cooling the engine, they give the car a lot of poise and forcefulness.

That minimalism in the optical groups, which has suited the Range Rover so well, although with a different application than this one, we also find it at the rear. There in a very high position, almost in line with the car’s own waist, we find another black line that runs the width of the car.

At the ends, the LED optics are integrated and they only stand out when the car has the ignition on. They are the finest optics ever made by Land Rover, and it seems that they will define the style of its future models.

Rrs 23my 06 Mla Flex Jpg 100522

The importance of the aerodynamics. The Range Sport’s coefficient of drag has been improved by 15% compared to its predecessor, with the value lowered to 0.29.

This is achieved thanks to elements such as the flush door handles with the bodywork, which only come out to open them. Work has also been done so that both the windshield frame and the rear windows, located behind the doors, are better aligned with the rest of the bodywork, favoring aerodynamic efficiency.

The optional wheels can reach up to 23 inches in size

After going around it several times, I can confirm that the Range Rover Sport in this third generation maintains the values ​​of elegance and robustness that have always characterized it, but at the same time it evolves towards a more avant-garde aspect and I think that it is successful in these times. Good job from the design team.

A larger interior with active noise cancellation

Rrs 23my 08 Headrest Detail 100522

As the size of the Range Rover Sport has grown, so has the cabin. Now there is more space especially in the area of ​​the second row of seats. The 7-seater version disappears that hardly had acceptance in the previous generation.

The trunk has a maximum capacity of 835 litersbut beyond that there are several storage areas throughout the cabin, as well as a refrigerated compartment with a capacity for four 500ml bottles.

From the driver’s seat, the feeling is one of absolute control of the traffic, as you continue to go higher than in most of the SUVs with which it will compete for a place in the market.

Los seating They have been completely redesigned and they say they ensure very good ride comfort for long trips and at the same time sufficient lateral support for moments of sporty driving.

Rrs 23my 20 Interior 141 Glhd 100422

From the App you can start the car, park it, etc.

The seats have 22 positions with electrical adjustment and can also incorporate the function of massage. But what the seats hide does not end there, alas, inside is the active noise cancellation technology from the road.

Following the same principles used in noise canceling headphones, this system filters unwanted sounds from the outside and prioritizes tones that enhance the driving experience and refinement, all from a series of speakers located inside the headrests of the front seats.

The sound system is still entrusted to Meridian. Of note is the fact that many of the 29 speakers are discreetly integrated into the door trims. Its sound, with up to 1,430 kW of power, surrounds the cabin and creates personal sound environments for each of the four main occupants.

Rrs 23my 07 Interior 083 Glhd 100522

As if all this were not enough, the Range Rover Sport now has an advanced system of air purification cabin with PM2.5 filtering and nanoe TM X technology to significantly reduce unpleasant odours, bacteria and allergens, including the virus that causes SARS-CoV-21.

Otherwise, the watch box has given way to an easy-to-read fully electronic display. It is complemented in a central position with a screen that has a curious curved convex shape, 13.1 inches.

It has a 15W wireless charger under the central touch screen

Much of the technology incorporated in this car is managed from it, it receives remote updates, it has an advanced voice control system for the main functions (Hey Land Rover is the activation command), it has Amazon Alexa integrated and in case all that was little, you can also start and start the car remotely from the smartphone if you wish.

For the rest, and as is logical in cars of this segment and price level, the quality of the materials, the finishes and atmosphere that is breathed inside is first class and luxury is lived in first person.

Range Rover Sport 2022 range prices

Rrs 23my 09 Fe 043 Glhd 100522

The prices of the Range Rover Sport range range between 102,700 euros and 145,500 euros, and it is striking that the access model to the range is a PHEV instead of the D250. Undoubtedly a commitment to electrification by Land Rover Spain to continue the path started with the outgoing model, of which the 34% of units sold this year have been PHEVs.

The versions with the finishes First Editionlimited in time, and Autobiographyare only available with the engine P510e. The rest are also available with S, SE, Dynamic SE and Dynamic HSE trim levels.

















4.4 V8 AWD


Good reception and first units in October

Range Rover Sport 2022 First Contact 3

El Range Rover Sport you can order now at Spanish dealers. According to what those responsible for the brand for our market have told us first-hand, they are surprised by the good reception it has had.

Hay 150 orders firm of people who had only seen it in photos, since until the arrival of this unit, no other had stepped on our territory. Thus, and taking into account that the delivery times they handle today range between 6 and 8 monthsit is expected that more orders will arrive in the coming days and weeks.

We will begin to see them on the streets from the month of October, which is when the first units are expected to be delivered, and we will be able to test it to tell you dynamic impressions a few weeks before.

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