here are all the new features announced by Apple

iOS 16 and its new features have just been announced by Apple during Apple’s WWDC opening conference.

Like every year, Apple made an appointment with the world of developers to present new Apple software solutions during this WWDC opening keynote. While the conference lasted an hour, the announcement that everyone was waiting for only concerns a small part of the speech by Tim Cook and his teams.

Indeed, iOS 16 was unveiled today by Apple, it will come into effect later this year on all compatible iPhones. In other words, all models newer than the iPhone 7 (the latter being included in the list). For the few who couldn’t wait until the start of the school year, Apple is already offering a beta version of iOS 16.

The latter can be installed by following this link, but we must warn you that many bugs and sometimes loss of data are observed among users of beta versions of iOS.

What’s new for iOS 16?

That being said, let’s now focus on the announcement that brought us together around Apple Park in Cupertino on June 6, 2022: the release of iOS 16. Like every year, Apple has not skimped on the quantity and offered great novelties to its users. The first that may jump out at the start of use is the lock screen.

The latter has indeed been thoroughly reviewed by Apple, which adds “styles” to the screen. These will come to change the colors of the image, but also of the elements present on the screen, in particular the time. But the great novelty is the arrival of “Widgets”. These elements, which made their arrival on the home screen with iOS 14, are now present on iOS 16.

It is also possible to customize several different lock screens, in order to adapt to professional, but also personal life.

As far as notifications are concerned, these are added one after the other at the bottom of the screen. It is possible to navigate between notifications without losing sight of your lock screen.

“Do not disturb” is everywhere

But the lock screen is also able to adapt to the functionality of iOS 15 “Focus” or “Do not disturb” in French. The functionality has indeed had the right to several new features. It is indeed possible to apply it to certain applications only.

If for the moment Apple has only presented features with its native applications such as Safari, Calendar, Mail or Messages, the Apple teams have announced that the new features of the application will also arrive from third-party developers. The latter benefit from an API that allows them to take charge of this new feature.

Messages is back in the spotlight

Another novelty that is likely to cause a stir in the coming weeks is Messages. Apple’s native application has indeed had the right to a major facelift and comes with all-new features in iOS 16. Apple is particularly emphasizing voice messages, which are at the heart of many of conversations.

With the ever-increasing arrival of WhatsApp, fewer and fewer iMessages users are turning to Apple’s blue bubbles. A habit that Apple is trying to change.

Photos: clipping is only a matter of seconds

Apple has multiplied announcements around its next operating system for iPhone. Especially with the Photos app. The latter now makes clipping child’s play. As Apple demonstrated in its demonstration, it is possible to outline the contours of a dog in a few seconds, and to copy the image to send it to a loved one without the background, by Messages.

Wallet: Pay, but later

Apple also made announcements regarding its Wallet app. If identity documents such as driver’s licenses are being set up all over the world, Apple has mainly talked about the most famous function of Wallet: Apple Pay. The latter will now make it possible to divide the payment, to spread it over time, without having to pay interest.

Apple explains that the payment can be divided into 4 installments, all within a maximum of 6 weeks. Another long-awaited feature, Apple launched Tap To Pay on iPhone tonight. Already seen in the American Apple Stores, the functionality will make its arrival everywhere in the country of Uncle Sam.

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