the cousin of the Ford Ranger shows us her ass and confirms the V6 TDI engine

Volkswagen continues to reveal with dropper the details of the next generation of your pick-up Amarok. The last of them has arrived through a released teaser in their social networks showing us his back.

And yes, the rear is a point that in this type of vehicle hardly allows aesthetic frills. But at least we have already been able to definitively confirm the main features of the model: it will be closely related to the Ford Ranger y will keep your V6 TDI engine.

It will be able to tow up to 3,500 kg of cargo

VW Amarok

Not that we were worried about the latter. Not in vain, the product managers of the german brand had already secured at the beginning of the year that the renowned V6 (which comes directly from the Ranger Raptor) would be present in the mechanical offer of the Amarok.

But we still like to be able to prove it with images like this one, where the tailgate sports a powerful ‘V6’ emblem that accompanies the model name. a nomenclature who, by the way, follows fashion and displayed with large die-cut letters on the plate itself.

On both sides, the LEDs of the rear light groups already reveal their light signature, which seems more conservative (or less radical) than that of its Ford relative. Otherwise, a generous Volkswagen logo presides over everything from the top end.

VW Amarok

Thus, with these appetizers, Volkswagen warms up for the premiere of a truck that aims to improve everything to its predecessor. And it is that the combination of 3.0 V6 (whose power is estimated at around 250 hp) and the platform co-developed with Ford should allow a towing capacity of up to 3,500 kg.

Yes, a force for the moment we will only enjoy in Europe. According to pick up Jalopnik, Volkswagen does not currently plan to market the future Amarok in North America. This decision would fit in with the intention, recently revealed by the German firm, of resurrect Scout as a brand Independent.

This brand will take advantage of its long tradition of robustness, offroad performance and affordable price in the USA to offer SUVs and pick-ups with electric motorscompeting in this strategic segment with companies such as Rivian.

Meanwhile the twin Ford Ranger, of which we already know its ranges and more palatable versions, it will reach all markets including ours. So if Volkswagen has something as brutal as its teaser promises on its hands, it would do well not to delay its release any longer. More than anything, because the ‘hype’ already corrodes us.

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