the electric touches 88 mph in 4.35 seconds

Yesterday May 30th we showed you a preview of the images of the new DeLorean Alpha5, an electric car created together with Italdesign that represents the commercial return of the historic brand – which changed the history of cinema and not only with the DMC-12. Now the car has been officially unveiled, confirming the rumors.

DeLorean ha presented its Alpha5 to the world just a few hours ago in the USA, which is why we didn’t bother to confirm the technical data that appeared online yesterday. Today, in addition to confirming the design of the model (and yes, yesterday’s photos were not concept but the real Alpha5 in its promotional photos, evidently ended up on the web before the official presentation), we can also tell you some official data.

The Alpha5 is 4,995mm long, 1,370mm high and 2,044mm wide with a 2,300mm wheelbase. The possibility of touching 250 km / h has been confirmed with an estimated range of over 480 km. The battery will be over 100 kWh and with such dimensions we would have expected better efficiency, even given the aerodynamic coefficient of just 0.23. Finally DeLorean confirmed that the 0-88mph (useful speed at time travel in Back to the Future) is reached in 4.35 seconds.

Unfortunately the company, which will produce the car in Italy in collaboration with Italdesign, has not yet released the official price, but has published a form thanks to which it is possible to receive updates on the car and order it as soon as possible on the DeLorean official website. The variant we are also talking about is the Launch Editionfor which we must actually expect a rather high price, while it is reasonable to think that later there will also be more accessible versions, perhaps with less power and smaller batteries.

While we await additional information let’s retrace the history of the DeLorean DMC-12.

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