The redesigned MacBook Air, along with the updated MacBook Pro 13, will debut the M2 processor

As suggested by some forecasts, Apple has also presented the new completely redesigned MacBook Air in four color options, and together with the updated 13-inch Macbook Pro, they will be the company’s first devices to carry the new integrated M2 processor.

On the updated 13″ Macbook Pro, Apple has only taken the time to point out some of the performance improvements, such as almost a 40% improvement in the workflow with RAW images in Affinity Photo, and up to 3 .4 times faster than models without an Apple processor.

Thanks to the M2, this compact professional computer is now capable of up to 24 GB of RAM with 50% more memory bandwidth, and the new M2 media engine is capable of smooth playback. up to 11 videos at 4K and up to 2 videos 8K ProRes.

And finally, the MacBook Pro 13 with M2 is capable of up to 20 hours of video playback.

A new MacBook Air that will soon hit stores with the new M2

Now yes, let’s go to the leading team on the day, the new MacBook Air completely redesigned and that, as some forecasts pointed out, would also be offered in up to four different colors, extending the variety of colors to this family of company equipment.

Apple notes that the new slim design and efficient integration of components makes this equipment volume reduced by 20%and despite using a one-piece aluminum case, it weighs just over 1 kilogram, being easy to carry and also comfortable to use being of fanless design, being also a silent equipment, to which we must add the benefits of the new integrated processor M2, being able to choose from now among four color options: silver, space gray, midnight and starlight.

The design changes also come to the screen, making the edges now thinner while the Liquid Retina display is larger, coming in at 13.6-inches giving users more room to work.

It further adds that:

At 500 nits of brightness, it’s also 25 percent brighter than before. Plus, the new display now supports 1 billion colours, so photos and videos look amazingly vibrant.

The company also highlights the fact of having with a dedicated MagSafe charging port, which allows its two Thunderbolt ports to be free for the connection of a multitude of accessories. In addition, it has a mini-jack connector for headphones.

Without a doubt, that it is a more than interesting team, and that will start from 1,249 euros onwardsreaching the reservation phase from this Friday, although it will officially arrive in stores on June 17.

More Info/Image Credit: Apple

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