There is no perfect crime, not even for a mechanic who falsified WhatsApp license plates to drive without a license, or insurance, or ITV

This case that concerns us is worthy of a film: a mechanic has dedicated himself to driving your car with forged license plates, committing offenses feeling unpunishedand also having the driver’s license suspended for loss of points.

This repeat offender cum laude has just been arrested by the Mossos d’Esquadra in Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona) and faces three suspects crimes for forgery of public document.

But also, also to a crime against traffic for circulating with the license withdrawn, to which is added that his car did not have the ITV in force or insurance. Seeing is believing.

I copied the license plates thanks to a WhatsApp group

According to the Catalan security bodythis 25-year-old driver, mechanic by profession and owner of a Audi A5used a whatsapp group dedicated to this car model for copy the license plates of other cars. To get these plates helped that he worked in a workshop.

And far from being cautious, he dedicated himself to systematically breaking traffic regulations: during that time several complaints were issued committing infractions (some with subtraction of points rigged), which reached the drivers who owned the cars with the license plates that he copied.

For this reason, the investigation began, since a driver reported to the Mossos d’Esquadra having received several traffic tickets with a car similar to his and with his license plate.

And he was not the only one: another resident of Vila-Real (Valencia) also did the same after receiving a complaint that did not correspond to him: although the license plate was that of his car, it was not his car.

Thus, at the end of 2021, the Mossos d’Esquadra began to pull the strings: the Investigation and Documentation Group of the Manresa police station requested the images of the sanctions of the complainants and confirmed that it was indeed a Similar vehicle, but with counterfeit license plates.

After several months, they have finally found his whereabouts: he has just been arrested in Sant Boi de Llobregat, and is handed over to the investigating court on duty in this town in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.

At the time of the arrest, he was precisely driving his car with a false license plate, although he indicated to the agents that he had no knowledge of it.

In addition, the annulment of the complaints and the files opened to the other drivers who received the sanctions for infractions that they did not commit, as well as to return the lost points to them, has been requested.

Possible Jail and Endless Traffic Tickets

judge gavel on trial

This mechanic has been denounced as the alleged perpetrator of three crimes for forgery of public document. As stated in the Penal Code, in its article 392.1implies prison sentences of six months to three years and fines of six to 12 months.

But he is not the only one, he has also been denounced by a crime against road safety for circulating with the driver’s license withdrawn for losing all the points.

This is how it is detailed in article 384 of the Penal Codeincluding traffic offenses:

The one who drives a motor vehicle or moped in cases of loss of validity of the permit or license due to total loss of the legally assigned points.

And in his case, it is punishable by imprisonment from three to six months or with a fine from 12 to 24 months or with work for the benefit of the community from 31 to 90 days. That is to say that, if convicted, he could perfectly end up in jail given the four crimes, which can exceed two years of prison sentences.

To these four crimes are added several traffic offenses that involve an administrative fine: circulate without the ITV in order, without the car being insured and again, with suspended license.

And it is that circulating with the permit withdrawn is contemplated in traffic law as a very serious infraction, as specified in Article 77.k. It is punishable by a fine of 500 euros and the rest of four points on the card.

On the other hand, circulating without the ITV in force supposes a serious fault, which is sanctioned with 200 euros. Driving without insurance is also considered a very serious offense, which in the case of a car entails a fine of 1.500 eurosas seen in the Code of Traffic Penalties.

Only in traffic sanctions we are talking about 2,200 euros and without taking into account the complaints applied to other drivers, who will also have to assume them. The Mossos do not detail what they are and simply indicate that they will be applied, as well as the subtraction of points in those that carry them.

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