This is how BMW has built the prototypes of the future M3 Touring, the first family member of the M3 saga

As much as certain characters of the automotive industry have led us to believe that building cars is a mechanical and impersonal processthere are still those who without giving up the help of technology continue to face the assembly of their machines with the love of a craftsman.

To celebrate as it touches its 50th anniversary the BMW Motorsport division has wanted to break its own molds with the próximo M3 Touringa family body unpublished to date in the smallest of the M ever.

And as his latest shows official video on YouTubethe birth of this novelty (from the bodywork to the first start) is being all choral work performed not only by machines, but above all by people with faces, eyes and names.

The technique (and art) behind the most practical M

The video travels penultimate stage of development of the M3 Touring, which includes the assembly of the first pre-series units of this model. A common operation with all new cars coming onto the market, where no detail is left to chance.

All the footage takes place in the BMW factory in Munich starting with the workshop that shapes its singular family bodywork. Project manager Robert Pilsl accompanies Alexander Stojnic, who is responsible for the pre-production of the Bavarian brand’s new launches, throughout the process.

Meanwhile, 1,200 robots convert the 400 body parts into a single monocoque with the application of up to 6,000 welding points and 80 meters of joints adhesive.

bmw factory

Subsequently, a special bench verifies that all measurements are identical to those specified in the original design, including the generous widening of the fins what will come first distinga al M3 of a normal Touring. But before moving on to painting, many hands will caress the sheet metal to, for example, check that the metal has no imperfections.

As with the bodywork, the painting process It has a lot of robotization. But the hand of man is still necessary to delimit the areas to be painted in each of the two passes through the sprayers: first the ceiling in contrast, then the true color.

The seats are a fundamental aspect of the structural rigidityand therefore BMW installs below the relevant backpacks of the M3. The carbon fiber armor receives the leather, Alcantara and fabric pieces that are already sewn by hand from the Dingolfing factory.

bmw factory

The human teams multiply in the most critical phase, which implies unite the body with the frame and the powerful mechanics of six cylinders, twin turbo and 480 hp. Each nut, bolt and screw takes from here the precise tightening torque to end up composing the first example of the new M3 Touring.

However, the party is not over yet. The last step in the chain is the test bench, where the newly completed car is started for the first time and everything is checked to see if it is in order. A small circuit inside the plant enclosure allows reviewing the behavior of the unit in typical traffic circumstances such as go through the potholes.

Finally, and with the approval of the technicians, the BMW M3 Touring is ready to dress up in camouflage and leave the factory Munich to undertake your next challenge. Which, how could it be otherwise, will lead him to fight to become the fastest ‘ranchera’ of the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

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