This Porsche 911 is the latest jewel of the artist Benedict Radcliffe and his replicas of up to 4,100 euros are flying

the sculptor British Benedict Radcliffe, known for his eye-catching wire sculptures of iconic cars, has just unveiled his latest creation. He is inspired by a true work of art on wheels: the Porsche 934 from 1977, a racing version of the Porsche 911 Turbo prepared in its day for the strict rules of Group 4 of the FIA.

This interpretation of one of the most beautiful classic sports cars ever built, which has already gone down in history for its perfect combination of elegance and performanceis the result of the triple collaboration between Porsche, Radcliffe and the exclusive luggage firm Rimowawith which the German brand has already collaborated on previous occasions.

The sculpture is made of hollow stainless steel tubes that mimic the polished aluminum finish that characterizes Rimowa cases, and sits on real tires. There are already reproductions for sale in different limited edition scales, although if you think about it a lot, they will run out.

A work of art squared


Many of Benedict Radcliffe’s creations they are miniature sculptures that fit on a coffee table. These unique pieces of art seek to show, as simply as possible, the lines and silhouettes of some of the most celebrated and groundbreaking cars in automotive history and, to this end, focus on the striking shapes of his body.

Radcliffe has ever created larger specimens, as in the case of the reproduction of an impressive Lancia Stratos or a Lamborghini Countach brutal that commissioned him a well-known Las Vegas casino (USA), but it is not usual. In this case, it has once again reproduced an entire icon from history at a 1:1 scale.

This artist graduated from the Mackintosh School of Architecture began with a metal structure that paid homage to the Subaru Imprezaand then he has dared with his versions of the Jaguar E Type, Range Rover Evoque, and included Ferrari F40.

He has also applied his signature styling to a handful of variants of the Porsche 911, such as a 930 ‘Slantnose’ at 1:15 scale or a 935 at 1:7 scale. Thus, for Porsche and Rimowa, there was no better finishing touch to their new collaboration than a Radcliffe sculpture.

Working on a full scale has allowed Radcliffe to award this beautiful homage to the 1977 Porsche 911 RSR 3.0 more details than usual.

For it, you have first rendered with CAD even the door handles, the headlights, the spoiler, the mirrors or the widened wheel arches of the 934, to go on to manufacture them later in stainless steel of the same caliber as that of the bodywork original.

Instead of the car’s usual rear side windows, Radcliffe also has recreated the Rimowa logo in stainless steel sheet laser cut.


And with the same technique he has created the inscription on the side panels that replaces the traditional one of the brand or his last name in the rearan already characteristic touch as a signature of his works.

Is life size steel sculpture sits on a set of original Porsche rims shod with Avon racing slick tyres. In what would be ‘the trunk’ or in the space reserved for it, you can see a Rimowa carry-on baginspired by the first Porsche 911.

porsche down

Fruit of the first collaboration between Rimowa and Porsche, “Pepita” has a very particular and elegant retro design, and is already sold out on the official website of the brand.

For his part, the always surprising artist Benedict Radcliffe now has reproductions of his latest work of art available in three different scales and in four colors: white, orange, blue or pink. Of each version, there are only 15 units available.

Porsche 934 Pink 1

One of the replicas of the original Benedict Radcliffe sculpture

They can be ordered from anywhere in the world and depending on the size chosen, prices vary: they range from 1,000 pounds -about 1.172 euros– what does it cost 1:18 scale reproduction (218x100x70 mm) or the 1,500 pounds -1758 euros- that is worth the one with a 1:15 scale (293.5 x 135 x 94 mm).

The largest, with a 1:7 scale (581.5 x 267 x 186 mm) goes up to 3,500 pounds -more than 4,100 euros- and, since its publication, They are running out by the minute.

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