watchOS 9 flaunts its novelties for Apple Watch

During a WWDC largely dedicated to iOS 16 and macOS 13, Apple obviously split a short segment dedicated to the operating system of its connected watches and TV box.

Often a poor child of the Apple ecosystem in terms of new features with tvOS, watchOS 9 will not be revolutionized further this year. But it allows the firm to push the e-health cursor ever further.

What’s new for watchOS 9?

Apple is strengthening the health monitoring of its Watches, in particular by adding data to its activity reports. In this case, we are talking about vertical oscillation or running stride length.

More so-called “multiple” sports (such as triathlon) are also supported, and will allow athletes to quickly switch from one activity to another without interruption.

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Can also define different “effort zones” based on our past workouts to measure our current performance. More interestingly, the Exercise application will let us customize our training and in particular the number of repetitions to be performed, or the times when we can take a break.

The time logged to complete these personalized activities will be logged, and you will be able to compete against yourself to try to beat it over your sports sessions.

Finally, note that the Form application, which precisely allows you to follow your efforts during your sports sessions, will appear on the iPhone. Whether you have an Apple Watch or not.

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E-health at your fingertips

New dials will invite themselves into watchOS 9, and will take advantage in particular of the more rounded screen of the latest Apple Watch Series 7.

Various native applications are also adopting a new operation. For example, an incoming message notification will allow you to respond to it without having to open the dedicated application. Podcast will let us discover new shows, and Siri will display its results in a new way.

On the health side, to conclude, watchOS 9 adds an atrial fibrillation tracking feature. New: a Treatments application will let you configure follow-up and reminders for its current treatments. It is even possible to share this data with a loved one, which can be reassuring for caregivers on a daily basis.

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WatchOS 9 is expected next fall. A dedicated developer beta is available today, and a public version will launch next month.

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