wheels produce more fine particles than exhaust pipes

This is another front that is opening up for car manufacturers. After tackling the problem of pollution emitted by the exhaust pipe, they will have to take a very close look at the fine particles from the… wheels.

The automotive industry has developed many very effective technologies to reduce as much as possible the pollution coming out of the exhaust pipe of internal combustion vehicles. Filters have continued to improve, and moreover electric cars will definitively solve the problem. But the pollution emitted by vehicles does not stop there. Another source of fine particles was discovered by an English analysis firm.

Tires under surveillance

According to Emission Analytics, which has carried out numerous wear tests on 14 brands installed on a Mercedes C-Class, it turns out that the wheels also produce a large volume of fine particles. In fact, the pollution emitted by the tires exceeds that generated by the tailpipe. For every kilometer travelled, tires generate more than a ton of ultrafine particles. These particles with a size of less than 23 nanometers are particularly dangerous: they are so small that they penetrate more easily into human organs through the bloodstream…

These ultrafine particles do not just pollute our body. They are also present in the air, water and soil, thus contaminating the entire environment. Wildlife and animal life are therefore also in danger. In addition, the use of filters in exhaust pipes tends to make vehicles heavier, which generates more pressure on the wheels and therefore more particulate emissions.

Although the authorities have paid considerable attention to the pollution of exhaust pipes, the emissions produced by the wheels are not the subject of sustained examination on their part. This could change in the next few years.

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