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Alldocube’s new notebook is HUF 120,000

The Far East is often very cumbersome in appearance, and it must be admitted that the GTBook 13 also excels in this area. Yes it became a thin, compact machineami completely metal housing has, but the whole laptop is only It weighs 1.3 kilograms. It has a simple yet elegant design, not a showy widget, but rather a “business” look. I managed to pass a very large battery into the thin body, which 60,5 Wh-s. The number of ports has not been overstated, but we do get it two USB 3.0, one full Type-C port, HDMI socket, jack, SD card reader and one power input is. As for the Type-C port, it can be used for more than anything, we can connect a monitor, all kinds of data storage, we can charge the notebook with a 36 watt PD charge or even a complete dock.

The Alldocube GTBook 13 is a low-end laptop with an obviously low price. You don’t have to expect him to have a solution to every single problem because there won’t be one. What’s perfect, though, is watching movies on it, surfing a lot of windows, even running office software, and the like. So it is recommended for work that is not really computational and can be a great machine for students to study. 120,000 from Banggood in pre-order promotion FtPrices may be different for different currencies due to the conversion rates of webshops (eg if you set the webshop to HUF, the prices are usually higher than those set to USD). The prices indicated in the article are for information purposes only, and in all cases the forint-denominated equivalents of the price displayed on the webshop in USD (or EUR if there is no USD option) (according to the interbank exchange rate valid at the time of writing).can be ordered together with the shipping cost, which is a very, very reasonable price. What highlights other machines in the same category is that its display is brutal in this price range and a lot of memory has been put into it as well as the material usage is betteras for the low-end products of the “big brands”. And that’s really just a little plus, but it’s important to have it has Windows 11 preinstalled.

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