Free instead of 1.99 euros: This practical PDF app is being given away today


The PDF app “PDF Photos+ Scanner, Editor”, which would otherwise cost 1.99 euros, is currently being offered free of charge. We reveal whether the download is worthwhile.

The PDF app "PDF Photos+ Scanner, Editor" is temporarily free.

The PDF app “PDF Photos+ Scanner, Editor” is temporarily free. (Source: EdZbarzhyvetsky /

  • The app “PDF Photos+ Scanner, Editor” is currently being given away in the App Store. Otherwise it costs 1.99 euros.
  • You use the software to scan documents, save them as PDFs, edit them or send them.
  • Practical functions such as automatic text recognition are also included.

You can currently find some in the App Store paid apps and mobile games for free download. Developers use the campaigns to increase awareness of the applications and to attract new users. You save money with the promotions and get some real professional apps for free.

Im App Store free of charge instead of 1.99 euros*


Among other things, there is the app “PDF Photos+ Scanner, Editor”, which would otherwise cost 1.99 euros, free of charge for the iPhone and iPad. With it you can create PDFs from photos, scan and convert documents, edit existing PDFs or convert them into photos.

The range of functions is rounded off by text recognition, which enables text to be extracted from PDFs. Overall, the application offers many useful features for creating, editing and managing PDF documents.

Is it worth downloading?

If you use your phone or tablet to scan documents or manage PDFs, you should check out “PDF Photos+ Scanner, Editor”. The app has no advertising and currently has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. There is an optional in-app purchase in the form of a voluntary donation to the developer.

PDF Photos+ Scanner, Editor

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iOS apps currently available for free

iOS apps currently available for free

At least iOS 15 must be installed on your iPhone or iPad to use it. So only current devices are supported. With just under 35 megabytes, the application takes up a pleasingly small amount of storage space.

It is not known how long the free offer will last. So if you are interested, you should access it quickly. If you secure the app now for free, you can download it again and again for free, even if it is offered for sale again.

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