Laurels for Lexus and bump for Tesla as the most and least reliable car brands, according to the OCU

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has already published your annual survey that collects the most reliable cars and brands: Lexus, Subaru y Toyota are located at the top, while in the tail we find TeslaAlfa Romeo y Land Rover.

On this occasion, 52,430 drivers from five European countries have participated: Spain, as well as Belgium, France, Italy and Portugal, with the study being shared between the Spanish organization and consumer associations from said countries.

In total, information has been obtained from 326 cars and 523 variants, also analyzing different engines. Non-plug-in hybrids are postulated as the ones that least go to the workshop.

Car brands with fewer and more breakdowns

Lexus UX 250h 2022

Las asian brands have garnered the best grade, with up to nine crowning the TOP 10, with three Japanese women leading the podium. Lexus repeated as the most reliable, with a score of 95 out of 100, followed by Subaru (93) y Toyota (91). Mitsubishi occupies fourth place (89) and Kia fifth (89).

In these top 10 positions we only find one brand that is not Asian: SEAT (85), belonging to the Volkswagen Group.

The bitter face is taken by Tesla: the Californian electric car firm is at the bottom with the worst grade, signing a discreet rating of 60 out of 100. In the last positions it is accompanied by Alfa Romeo and Land Rover, both with a score of 64.

Source: OCU

It is not the first time that Tesla gets a bad grade in a reliability study, for example it was also pointed out by a American Consumer Reports reportin which the best grade was also given to the Japanese.

The OCU details that to prepare this ranking it has been taken into account not only the number of breakdowns, but also the severity. For the study, those derived from accidents or acts of vandalism have been left out, since they do not operate as an indicator of reliability.

In general, a good number of car firms have obtained a good grade, with a total of 26 being 80 or more out of 100. Only 10 have been below this indicator.

The Volkswagen T-Roc and hybrid gasoline mechanics, the most reliable

Volkswagen T-Roc 2017

Similarly, the OCU report analyzes what have been the car models that suffer fewer breakdownsaccording to a specific version and engine, as well as the most reliable type of mechanics, with the gasoline hybrids winning.

  • Diesel: Volkswagen T-Roc 1.6 liters (2017-) 1.600 cc, the most reliable car in the survey.
  • Gasoline: Audi Q3 (2018-) 1.5 liters, Kia Rio (2017-) 1.4 liters and Hyundai i20 (2014-2020) 1.0 liters.
  • gasoline hybrids: Lexus IS 2.5 liters (2013-), Toyota Corolla 2.0 liters (2018-) and Toyota RAV-4 2.5 liters (2013-2018).
  • Plug-in and electric hybrids: Kia Niro (2016-) 1.6 liter PHEV and Mitsubishi Outlander (2013-) 2.4 liter PHEV.
  • Gas: Dacia Duster (2017-) 1.6 liters gasoline/LPG and Skoda Octavia (2013-2020) 1.50 Gasoline/Natural Gas (CNG).

Secondly, the OCU points out that in the global, the car with the fewest breakdowns was the Volkswagen T-Rocwith the mechanical 1.6 liter diesel (before the current resryling), followed by the Toyota Corolla 180H and the Lexus IS with 2.5-liter mechanics.

The cars with the most problems have been the Renault Espace, with a 1.6-liter diesel engine (2015), and the Opel Astra, also a diesel engine with a 1.5-liter engine (2015).

Toyota Coroll 180H, mechanics

The OCU study also concludes that The mechanics that present the least problems, and that go through the workshop the least, are the non-plug-in hybrids. Specifically, those that combine a gasoline block with an electric one: up to ten models have obtained a note of more than 95 out of 100 for reliability.

Precisely in Spain the alternative cars that are most sold are non-plug-in hybrids, accounting for 29% of sales. And among them, the most numerous are the hybrids with a gasoline engine: in the accumulated of this 2022 they account for 33.3% of the total market with 19,543 units.

In addition, it is striking that no electric car falls within its category, with only two plug-in hybrids. A conclusion similar to other studies, such as Consumer Reports, which noted frequent problems in the zero emissions in the transmission or electronics, to which are added poor finishes in some models.

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