New model shows up in iOS 16 beta

The first beta of iOS 16 contains hints of a new HomePod, which could be released shortly.

New HomePod hides behind AudioAccessory6

Yesterday Apple presented the new operating system at WWDC 2022 iOS 16 presented, which, as expected, brings with it numerous innovations. The first beta of iOS 16 is the colleagues from 9TO5Mac directly a hint for a possible new one HomePod caught the eye. The device designation shows that the newly discovered device is a HomePod AudioAccessory6 reads.

From the past it is known that the HomePod mini was called AudioAccessory5 and the first HomePod was called AudioAccessory1. However, no more details can be found in the iOS 16 beta.


Image: Parker Ortolani

HomePod mini upgrade coming?

As we know from previous rumours, Apple is probably less working on a whole new HomePod and more on an upgrade to the existing HomePod mini. However, a combination of HomePod and Apple TV has also been reported, with some rumors even having an integrated display. What exactly is behind AudioAccessory6, we will probably soon find out from Apple itself.

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