Officine Fioravanti makes Ferrari Testarossa restomod debut: how wonderful!

Do you remember the Ferrari Testarossa restomod anticipated by Officine Fioravanti? Well, the redesign of the car with more current features has been made official in these hours with a post on Facebook and some splendid photographs.

As you can see at the bottom of the news, after eight months the Ferrari Testarossa restomod signed by Officine Fioravanti has seen the light: it is a model that, under the hood, has a flat-12 engine with displacement of 4943.04 cc like the original model but with piston overhaul and change of the original mechanical injection with an electronically controlled system, while the engine reaches 9,000 rpm instead of 6,700. Thanks to a simple switch it will be possible to hear the difference between the original output (385 horsepower and 291 km / h maximum) and the updated one (492 cavalli e 320 km / h).

Obviously the various parts have been updated to ensure a more modern supercar handling: we find Ohlins adjustable shock absorbers with four settings and new anti-roll bars with six settings, while the Brembo brakes have six-piston calipers in front and four pistons behind. Thanks to two knobs it will then be possible to select the mode of interest among the Wet, Normal, Sport and Race options. Externally, however, we find few changes such as i retractable LED headlights, 17 “front and 18” rear wheels. All original plastic components of the dashboard, center console and doors are now aluminum.

The final internal touch is the ability to connect the car phone via Bluetooththus allowing it to work, while the radio now supports Apple CarPlay and two USB sockets.

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