Regional accents in Waze: “Attenchion biloute”!

Behind the wheel, it is obviously imperative to stay focused, but having a co-driver by your side to pass the time can be very important. And when you have no one on hand, Waze and its many voices are there!

We no longer count the number of voices present in Waze. Between Master Chief, the hero of Halo, Homer Simpson, Gollum, the French voice of Morgan Freeman or even Julien Lepers (but yes!), the choice is vast. These voices help break up the monotony on the road, while bringing a little smile to the driver’s face.

A regional air in the car

Waze regularly adds new voices to its offer, recently users of the GPS application had the choice of downloading three new voices with the regional accents of Marseille, Toulouse, as well as that of Ch’ti! You will have to select Antonin (Toulouse accent), Mireille (Provençal accent) or (obviously) Biloute for the Northern accent. This is to be selected in the “Voice” tab of the application settings.

Then the guidance indications will be given with the selected accent. Waze didn’t do things by halves, since local expressions were integrated: ” in carrette tertous »Or« ablouque ta cheinture! » for the Ch’tis, « you have chocolate » for the Toulouse accent, or even « we are a good mother there for Marseilles. What give the interior of his car a regional air.

« We aim to be an application that reflects the diversity of the French territory “, explains Jérôme Marty, general manager of Waze for France. ” These three new voices even bring a touch of originality, since it’s true that we very often have one and the same accent that comes back in France “, he adds.

The app ran a Twitter poll to find out which accents should join the voice catalog. However, ” the big idea would be to be able to find all the French accents on the application », indicates Jérôme Marty.

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