SpaceX will build more than a thousand ships to transport a million humans to Mars, according to Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s interest in space technology is public knowledge, as well as his interest in not only stepping on the red planet, but also aspiring to colonize it in the future.

Glimpsing more details about how he projects his plans, the businessman commented on what his plans consist of. He thinks of transferring a million humans to Mars, through a thousand ships that would function as “modern Noah’s Arks”, in his words.

The thousand “Elon Musk Arks” to colonize Mars in the future

Knowing the impact generated by his statements, Musk uses various (and often informal) channels to amplify his ideas and projects. The last affirmation of the businessman shared in Twitteragain attracted attention.

The plan is “build more than a thousand to transport life to Mars. Basically like a (very) modern Noah’s Ark.”Musk wrote, reiterating a statement he had previously made during an interview with TED curator Chris Anderson. In that interviewstated that SpaceX would achieve this goal by 2050.

So far, SpaceX has not yet put a Mars-bound spacecraft into orbit, but it hopes to carry out its first orbital flight sometime this summer, although the FAA (Federal Administration Administration, US body) is keeping its review under review. spacecraft environment.

Even given SpaceX’s high standards, various reports They charge that these purposes are not very realistic, on the grounds that the main indicator at this point is how misaligned Musk’s statement is with the plans that NASA has established for Mars, which are considerably less ambitious.

While Musk says that SpaceX will send a million humans to Mars by 2050, NASA aims to get the first humans to Mars, likely with the help of SpaceX, by 2030 or 2040, kicking off a scientific research campaign of a year duration. The US space agency recently published 50 key goals it wants to achieve before and during its first mission to Mars. The plan outlines and highlights the tough obstacles NASA will face, such as the fact that astronauts’ muscles will have degraded to the point that they will have difficulty walking when they first reach the red planet.

The idea of ​​colliding with Mars, according to what can be seen so far, seems to be moving forward as a slow process, due to issues typical of the trial and error phase. By the same token, the first humans NASA plans to send to Mars will be trained scientists and experts. For his part, Musk recently commented that “almost anyone” will be able to save up to $100,000 to buy a ticket for a spaceship and start migrating to Mars.

It is assumed that enthusiasm and ambition could be playing a trick on Elon Musk with the projections or, he may have a more elaborate project in hand that he still does not fully communicate. Surprises are also not something that should be ruled out, since the benefit of the doubt is always subject to the passage of time.

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