the new version of CarPlay will arrive in 2023 and wants to keep the entire interface of your car

Although its rate of updates has little to do with that of its rival Android Auto, Apple does not neglect its CarPlay at all. Quite the contrary, with the launch of the new iOS 16 operating system, this connectivity platform looks like it will take a great evolutionary leap.

This has been announced by the company itself within the framework of its Worldwide Developers Conferencewhere those responsible have shown a profoundly changed CarPlay and much more integrated with vehicle systemsoffering, for example, the possibility of managing air conditioning from its screens.

However, this same integration poses a potential problem that they have already warned some tech gurus: In exchange for more intuitive interfaces and functionalities, car manufacturers risk sacrificing the sovereignty they hold over the data that generate and manage their own vehicles.

A budding conflict on account of big data


The reason for the latter is obvious, and it is that the new CarPlay will be able to occupy all the available screens in the passenger compartment at the same time. Thus, in addition to overlapping the multimedia systemit will also replace the original car software in the instrument panel or climate control, if any.

In doing so the interface de CarPlay will suit the purpose of each screen in question, making new icons and submenus appear that will allow you to control functions such as radio tuning or air temperature.

On the other hand, the main menu of the platform will be able to host several widgets with useful information like the weather forecast, today’s top headlines, or to-do lists and reminders.


Of course, at all times we can personalize the information that we receive on any of the screens. In the case of the instrumentation, it will be possible to choose various modes to display the speed, engine revolutions, the selected gear or fuel levels and coolant temperature.

We can also, in the style of what many cars equipped with ‘Virtual Cockpit’ already allow, place the navigator map in the background in order to be able to follow our route without taking our eyes off the road too much.

What Apple is looking for with this integration is that the driver does not have to leave CarPlay at any time to operate any vehicle function. This makes comparison unavoidable. con Android Automotivethe operating system for cars that Google has already placed in models like the Volvo XC60 or the Renault Megane E-Tech.


For now Apple has not expressed the intention to compete by creating an exclusive iOS for the automotive industry, although the step they have taken with this latest CarPlay update, to tell the truth, would give them a good base to do it.

Be that as it may, the truth is that the direction that the platform of the block takes will place Californians in a position of power against the manufacturers, because to achieve this integration with the instruments it is necessary that the car grants access to your data most intimate of telemetry.

These data (and their methods of acquisition and treatment) are authentic ‘big data’ that trademarks protect with the greatest jealousy. Allowing third-party companies to freely access them to create a more versatile and comfortable ‘suite’ than the one developed by the manufacturer would be tempting, but it could also mean a loss of power against the technological giants.

At the moment a large number of brands such as Ford, Renault, Honda, Mercedes-Benz or Jaguar Land Rover have already confirmed the full compatibility with the new CarPlay, whose launch is planned for 2023.

We will have to wait, therefore, to see the reaction of the automotive industry to this close collaboration and its consequences. Perhaps, given the impossibility of create your own carApple has chosen to try to make all the connected cars in the world become ‘Apple Cars’. The controversy is served.

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