this is the “full mobility” of a Spanish start-up

LIUX is a Spanish start-up barely a year oldwhich seeks to revolutionize the panorama of the electric vehicle in our country, creating “a truly sustainable electric car” in all its phases, and that promises to be made with plant-based materials and 3D printed components.

The company, created by designer David Sancho Domingo (which in 2017 rose to fame after presenting the Boreas hybrid supercar in the 24 Hours of Le Mans) and the architect Antonio Espinosa de los Monteros, with extensive experience in the field of sustainability, is committed to manufacturing in Spain and is already is in negotiations with several CCAA to settle down.

Objectives: simplify the electric vehicle and make it accessible


David Sancho and Antonio Espinosa de los Monteros

LIUX aims to change the way of manufacturing vehicles, and for this they already have a global project that since it has been integrated into one of the PERTE VEC presented to the Ministry of Industry this year to access aid from the Next Generation EU funds and that includes even the robots that will be in charge of assembling the cars.

The start-up, which for the moment has only shown an image ‘as a teaser’ on your website of what will be its first electric vehicle, it is “in negotiations with several Autonomous Communities” to establish its first factory.

They want to start with a small plant where manufacture 5,000 units in 2023 and foresee as the next objective “produce 50,000 vehicles in 2024”.

To do this, the staff currently made up of twenty young engineers, entrepreneurs, designers, architects, mechanics and technology experts have joined forces and they opt for what they call “full mobility”.


Their first project is “a compact electric car” which they announce will will have materials such as biopolymers and biocomposites (‘composite’ materials derived from fibers and natural resins), while the basis of the production process would be 3d printing.

David Sancho affirms that with this they seek maximum simplicity: “we want to focus on the value of the vehicle and remove all superfluous elements. Our cars use simple components that are easy to assemble, disassemble, repair and recycle, which allows us reduce parts and materials by 25% compared to a traditional car.

The platform used will be modular, in which the battery will not be welded, but it will be able to house removable modules of its own design “according to the needs of the client”. Initially, these will between 45 and 90 kWh of capacity and they will be manufactured in Asia, because, according to the businessmen, “they cannot yet be manufactured in Spain”.

Teaser Interior

LIUX website image

Both David Sancho and Espinosa de los Monteros have affirmed In an interview that its first factory “should be profitable in itself from 30,000 units, when it is between 60 and 70% of its capacity”. However, profitability will largely depend on market demand.

Regarding employment, in the first phase of the factory they estimate that they will have about 100 employees and when it is at full capacity, no more than 500.

With a small-sized first factory and such a contained production objective, LIUX seeks to “take advantage of innovation to simplify the concept of automobile manufacturing under strict environmental criteria. Well, according to its creators, this method “represents significant logistics savings and, above all, harmful emissions.”

As for distribution, they propose digital dealerships as other brands already do, and for this they want to “rely on experienced operators”. At the moment they have not revealed prices for their first electric car, and in the coming months they will expand information.

What they claim is thatIt will be the electric car with the best quality/price/autonomy ratio of the market, since currently only 5% of people can afford an electric one”, according to Espinosa de los Monteros.

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