Toyota GR Supra with manual transmission is not only more fun, it is also cheaper

The new, and long-awaited, version of Toyota GR Suprawhat we have already triedlands in Europe. We talk about the variant with manual shift of this sports car and that will reach the market of the Old Continent very soon.

we already know the prices for Spain of this GR Supra M/T, which keeps the most powerful engine of this sports car (340 hp) and modifies its family in our market. The Toyota GR Supra with a manual gearbox will start here in the 71.500 euros and representing the new top of the range of the fun Japanese.

Regarding the current most expensive version of the Toyota GR Supra, which it replaces and which is the Performance with the aforementioned engine but with an automatic gearbox, it will be 1,000 euros cheaperas this part of the 72,550 euros also without associated discounts.

The keys to the Toyota GR Supra M/T

Toyota GR Supra M/T 2022

The Toyota GR Supra M/T It incorporates novelties, because in addition to this box that wants to meet the purists, it comes with differential elements. And several of them promise to improve their performance on the asphalt. We review the keys of this variant.

The most powerful GR Supra ever. The 3.0-liter six-cylinder turbo petrol engine with 340 hp and 500 Nm will now be exclusive to this version. Torque is available between 1,600 and 4,500 rpm, and this heart can reach a maximum of 6,500 rpm. The change continues to send all the force to the rear axle.

And what are the benefits? 250 km/h top and acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds. There are no changes to the top speed, but it does 0-100 three tenths slower than the automatic with this engine.

Toyota GR Supra M/T 2022

Intelligent manual transmission. The Toyota GR Supra’s six-speed gearbox is called iMT, which relies on an intelligent control system programmed with new software to prioritize sporty behavior.

This technology, which is activated by default, basically makes the heel tip automatically when downshifting. In addition, Toyota claims to have adjusted the parameters to optimize the torque in the clutch and disengagement.

Lighter. The automatic transmission helps reduce the GR Supra’s kilos, but in addition some elements such as the transmission tunnel as well as part of the acoustic insulation have been adjusted to reduce weight. Toyota claims that for the scale in almost 40 kg less.

Toyota GR Supra M/T 2022

Technical and aesthetic adjustments. In this new variant, Toyota boasts of having adjusted the traction control for this configuration, but also in the suspension or in the direction in order to optimize its performance on the asphalt and improve sportsmanship.

In addition, the Toyota GR Supra M/T enjoys a new feature: Hairpin+. In it, the traction and stability systems have been calibrated to make them more permissive and favor greater slippage of the rear wheels, while maintaining stability when exiting corners.

Lastly, and given the configuration of the center console, specially designed for the automatic gearbox, it has been redefined to accommodate the gear knob and also include the driving mode selector. In addition, the automatic option is distinguished by showing off the denomination in red at the rear.

All prices for the manual Toyota GR Supra

Toyota GR Supra M/T 2022

The range of Toyota GR Supra it will continue to be articulated in the versions now present: Pure and Performance.

However, the Pure will be limited to the variant with auto switch that is associated only with the propellant of 2.0 liters, 258 hp and 400 Nm of pair Of course, she will be accompanied by the ‘Toruing Pack‘ which adds a limited-slip rear differential, adaptive variable suspension (AVS) and 4-piston front brake calipers.

Toyota GR Supra M/T 2022 price tag

For his part, the Performance becomes exclusive to this GR Supra M/Twith the engine 340 CV. And this finish includes as standard, for example, 19-inch forged wheels, seats with leather upholstery or carbon inserts in different parts of the cabin.

When it arrives on the market, this Performance will have a launch variant, the Limited Editionwhich is distinguished by an exclusive matt white exterior paint or camel leather interior, which covers seats, doors, the console or the center armrest.

The GR Supra It remains, however, as the older brother of the Toyota Gazoo Racing sports family, ahead of the Toyota GR 86, which has also just been announced. its price for Spainand the GR Yaris.





2.0i 258 CV


59.500 euros


3.0i 340 CV


71.500 euros


3.0i 340 CV


74.500 euros

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