Elon Musk threatens to cancel Twitter takeover over bots

The Musk-Twitter saga continues more than ever, and the businessman is now seriously considering cutting short the negotiations.

Ultimately, Elon Musk is no longer sure he wants to afford Twitter. After announcing his arrival on the company’s board of directors, then his desire to buy the social network from the blue bird, the boss of Tesla seems more and more undecided. In question, the fake accounts and bots that abound on the platform.

Originally, Musk had offered a buyout of up to $44 billion. A decision which had not really pleased the shareholders of the company, but which was about to materialize, until an investigation by Reuters brings to light new information of size: contrary to what the social network had always affirmed, the false accounts would represent (much) more than 5% of its users.

Is Elon Musk (still) manipulating the stock market?

Faced with these revelations, Elon Musk first announced the temporary suspension of the redemption process, before confirming that he was still interested in acquiring Twitter, on the condition of obtaining proof of the number of fake accounts present on the platform. This Monday, June 6, the businessman has passed a new course, accusing the firm of Jack Dorsey of having refused to share certain figures yet necessary for the smooth running of the takeover. In letter posted on social media by the billionaire’s legal team, there is even talk of terminating the agreement if Twitter continues to “resist and thwartMusk’s right to know.

However, this historic transaction with the air of a Hollywood saga could not be completely devoid of interest for the boss of SpaceX. Some investors indeed accuse the billionaire of having voluntarily staged these developments to manipulate the stock market price in his favor, and bring down the final value of the company to the blue bird. For his part, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced the opening of an investigation directly targeting Twitter and the way in which the company would have deliberately “deceived Texans” by lying about the number of bots.

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