Google adds new features to its educational tools

The Google team has improved some of its services dedicated to education to facilitate virtual classes for students.

For example, it has added a number of features to Classroom and Google Meet to improve some common classroom activities. We tell you some of the news.

Classroom and Google Meet add more news for students and teachers

The teachers who use Workspace for Education they will find a new dynamic when they use Google Meet for their virtual classes. Google Meet can now automatically transcribe calls and save them to Google Docs. This will be useful for sharing lecture notes or transcripts with students who have not attended the online meeting.

On the other hand, Google Meet adds new options for virtual classes to facilitate interaction between the teacher and students. For example, they will be able to schedule question and answer sessions, organize surveys, among other options. This dynamic is already available in Meet meetings, but thanks to this update they are also being implemented in live broadcasts.

In Google Classroom there are also interesting news. For example, students will be able to access plugins that will make it easier for them to perform different activities directly from their Classroom accounts:

They can log in to Classroom and each plugin with the same login, eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords or navigate to multiple websites to access classwork

Different details have also been taken into account to make the process of adding YouTube videos for classes in Classroom simpler. And not forgetting that teachers and educational institutions have the ability to use YouTube for live events, whether it’s a school event with a public broadcast or an administrative meeting with a private setting.

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