How to transfer your playlists from one music streaming service to another?

Music streaming services hold a big place in the hearts of French women and men. However, changing streaming platforms is complex, especially when you have many playlists or recorded albums. To save you time, many additional services offer to transfer your playlists and music in a few clicks from one platform to another.

Taking your first steps on a music streaming platform brings certain advantages, such as being able to switch if the streaming service does not meet your needs. However, it becomes more complicated if you start putting playlists, albums or even music in your library.

Although the transfer of music, playlists or albums has been greatly facilitated in recent years, this was not the case at the beginning, thus allowing Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music or even Qobuz to keep many subscribers. If you’re tempted to switch platforms, here are some services that will allow you to transfer your playlists, music and albums easily to another music streaming service.

FreeYourMusic: an app for iOS, Windows, Linux, Android and macOS

First service for transferring music from one music streaming service to another, FreeYourMusic has many features that will be very useful to you. Indeed, it is possible to transfer playlists and albums punctually or automatically to the recently subscribed streaming service.

A FreeYourMusic not so Free…

However, before you can use such a service, you will need to subscribe to an annual or quarterly subscription, or subscribe to a lifetime offer with FreeYourMusic:

  • Basic: 11.99 euros (one-time payment);
  • Premium: 39.99 euros per year or 14.99 euros per quarter;
  • Unlimited: 199.99 euros (single payment).

The Basic offer will allow you to manually transfer, without restriction, playlists, albums and music (all platforms) and to have free application updates for life.

The Premium offer is the only one available as an annual or quarterly subscription. The latter brings in addition to the advantages of the Basic offer, assistance by email, the possibility of sharing playlists with friends who are on other platforms, automatic synchronization, backup of playlists in the cloud. The Premium offer can of course be canceled at any time.

FreeYourMusic’s unlimited offer includes the same services as the Premium offer, but in a single purchase. This offer, although much more profitable, is more for people who have a solo subscription on a streaming service. The latter will thus be able to share playlists with friends without restriction, and to recover music that relatives send.

For the more curious, there is also a free version, or rather, a fourteen-day trial version without the need to integrate a bank card.

One-Time Purchases FreeYourMusic Subscriptions
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Available on many mediums

To be able to use FreeYourMusic in excellent conditions, people will be able to find this service on different media: Android, iOS, WindowsmacOS (Intel et M1), Amazon et Linux. In short, FreeYourMusic is available on many media allowing you to transfer your playlists, your albums and your music, regardless of the platform you subscribe to. You can directly download software or applications by going to this addressor by simply clicking on previously embedded links.

An ever-changing number of synchronizations

The latest statistics on the FreeYourMusic website show that it is a music transfer service extremely appreciated by users. At the time of writing, the platform will have made it possible to transfer nearly 2,576,505,000 songs. A number that will continue to grow over the years.

At the same time, it is possible to transfer your playlists, albums and entire library between these services: Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora, Soundcloud, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube, YouTube Music, Napster, Qobuz, Yandex Music, VK Music, Anghami, and many more in click here to see the full list.

SongShift: an application available only for iPhones

Although there are software and applications compatible with several OS, SongShift is particularly aimed at people who have an iPhone. Therefore, you can find the application naturally on the App Store for free.

Some features are available for freebut you’ll need to purchase a monthly, yearly, or lifetime license to unlock the full potential of SongShift.

The three types of offers will allow you, in all cases, to access the same options, if you plan to change music streaming service often, the annual offer or the lifetime license will be profitable. Conversely, if you only want to share music with loved ones or even quickly transfer your playlists from your old service to the new one, the monthly offer will be more relevant, since you can cancel it whenever you want.

  • Monthly offer: 3.74 euros per month;
  • Annual offer: 14.97 euros per year;
  • Lifetime license: 29.95 euros.

As you can see, the rates are much more affordable compared to FreeYourMusic. At the same time, while the latter is intended for several users, SongShift is rather found in a niche of more restricted users.

Services Songshift
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SoundDiiz: usable on browser and smartphone

You wish, in the same way as FreeYourMusic, be able to transfer your favorite playlists, albums, artists and music to a new music streaming service? SoundDiiz will potentially be the ideal service, especially since you can enjoy some features for free.

Indeed, SoundDiiz, unlike FreeYourMusic, offers completely free for life which will allow you to be able to connect all the music platforms where you are registered, convert playlists one by one and access classic tools. Besides that, if you have more important needs, two paid offers are available.

  • Premium offer: 4.50 euros per month or 36 euros per year (3 euros per month);
  • Creator offer: 9.50 euros per month or 75 euros per year (6.25 euros per month).

The list of features offered by the transfer service is relatively long, if you want to go on an adventure and consult this long list, do not hesitate to go directly to their site internet.

Tune My Music: the most economical browser-based transfer service

This music transfer service from one music streaming service to another offers classic features. This limited number not only makes it possible not to lose users, but also to lower the price of the offers, which are two in number.

Tune My Music will therefore offer people a free offer allowing them to transfer up to 500 pieces of music, or even the possibility of exporting music from one streaming service to another for free. The second offer, the paid one, will allow you to transfer an unlimited number of music, to be able to automatically synchronize up to 20 platforms between them, without forgetting the possibility of transferring your music in TXT or CSV.

It is one of the cheapest music transfer services in our selection. Tune My Music’s paid plan is available for $4.5 per month or two dollars per month if you subscribe for the year. In short, in the event that you wish find out more on the services of Tune My Music, a short detour to the website will prove much more effective. This will allow you to explore every corner of this service.

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