Oclean presents its new electric toothbrush for less than 25 euros

Oclean is a well-known brand within the oral hygiene sector. We have already commented on several of its products in the past, where electric brushes occupy a privileged position.

Now they have just presented the new electric toothbrush campaign Oclean Flow Sonica brush that can now be purchased in Spain for 24.45 euros, with a discount of 2 using the code: OCLEANFLOW2.

The video of the brush shows its highlights:

180 day battery
Oclean Flow Sonic

As you can see, its strong point is battery, since it lasts 180 days without the need to charge, something extremely rare in this sector.

Creating a technology that allows 25 weeks without charging makes it an ideal option for those who travel frequently and do not want to carry the charger always in their suitcase.

brushing modes
Oclean Flow Sonic

El Oclean Flow Sonic ofrece 5 brushing modes:

  • Morning Relief: A soothing way to ease any morning discomfort and start your day off right
  • Night mode: A high performance mode to remove stains and food residues that have occurred during the day.
  • Endless Mode: A standard mode without time control and reminders for those who like simple, unrestricted cleaning.
  • Fresh Breath: A mode to clean the tongue and freshen the breath in a short session.
  • Care mode: Suitable for those who have sensitive gums or underwent oral procedures.

The motor power is 38,000 RPM, three times faster than a manual toothbrush, and it has a 2-minute timer and a 30-second reminder, so that we forget to brush all the areas and spend the same amount of time in each one.

The brush, how could it be otherwise, has IPX7 protection throughout the body, so that we can even shower with it or wash it 100% under the tap.

In the box comes the brush, the head, the user manual and a USB charging cable.

Oclean Flow Sonic


you can buy it in this aliexpress link.

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