Roku could be acquired by Netflix, according to report

Roku is a veteran manufacturer of devices to connect to the television with the aim that users who do not have a smart television have a greater offer of entertainment to watch on the screen.

However, this company is not having a good time, going through a few years with its shares down, and therefore, in search of a buyer who will give it a change of course. And while Comcast’s purchase didn’t happen last year, now a new Business Insider report shows that under the current circumstances, now it is Netflix who could take over this hardware company.

And it is that Netflix It is not going through its best period either, given the enormous competition that has come out of it in recent years, which has led to the drop in the value of its shares and the loss of users for the first time in its history.

This report indicates that Both companies could be in talks so that Netflix could acquire Roku for about 13 billion dollars, What is the company’s current valuation? hardware.

A change in the streaming market that would strengthen Netflix

If the agreement is carried out, about whose “internal” conversations remain without official confirmation by either party, Netflix could face its entry into the world of advertising in order to offer its promised cheaper pricing plan with advertising.

And it is that Netflix, until very recently, was not interested in offering plans partially financed by advertising, so it is still unexplored ground for it. And besides, he was also not interested in having his own device, something that could also change from now on.

as they point out from 9to5GoogleIf the acquisition is completed, the other beneficiary would be Google TV, which would become the only platform without an attached streaming service, since Google is losing interest in its own movie rental platform.

In this way, Prime Video is associated with Fire TV, Apple TV + with Apple TV and Netflix with Roku. At this point, Roku could optimize the user experience to reinforce and enhance the Netflix experience, and who knows if it could support the also hypothetical cloud gaming platform that Netflix could launch in the future.

For now, it is information that must be taken with some caution, although the signs point in that direction, that of the possible acquisition, which could strengthen both companies to offer something different to what other platforms offer to their users.

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