the cult manga is back with an unexpected sequel

A year after the death of mangaka Kentaro Miura, Berserk is back for a sequel that no one expected.

A true phenomenon in manga culture, Berserk was aborted mid-flight last year after the death of its author Kentaro Miura. Published in the magazine Young Animal since 1989, the series has never known the conclusion it deserved, but will finally find its salvation through the pen of author Koji Mori.

It was through a press release shared yesterday on Twitter that the Japanese studio Gaga confirmed the good news. Long-time friend of the creator of Berserk, Koji Mori explained to be one of the only ones to know the conclusion of the series. Before his death, he and Kentaro Miura had indeed discussed at length the direction that the adventures of the warrior Guts would take. “Berserk’s story unfolded exactly as we discussed at the time, with almost no changes”reports the mangaka.

A sequel from memories

After hesitating for a long time about the direction that the cult dark fantasy saga should take, the editorial team of Gaga finally confirmed that Mori would take over the mantle Berserk. No question of adding or speculating on the rest, it will above all be a question of offering readers a conclusion worthy of the name. “I try to render the story in the most detailed way possible, and only the episodes told by the author will be published. I won’t add anything to it”said Koji Mori.

Without writings or official boards, the continuation of Berserk should rely on his memories alone to give fans a conclusion that meets their expectations. “Many of you may not be entirely satisfied with Berserk. (…) The talent of Miura’s apprentices is real! They are brilliant artists”.

In France at Glénat

Featured in the magazine Young Animal from June 10, 2022, the series will find its conclusion from June 24th, and should be accompanied by several comments from the editorial team to put the story in context. Unsurprisingly, it is at Glénat that the final bound volume of Berserk will see the light of day.

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