The Mitsubishi ASX appears in its first image, and will share more than just DNA with Renault’s best-selling SUV

Mitsubishi continues to prepare the next generation of his SUV ASXwhose marketing is scheduled to begin in 2023. Much earlier, in September it will be presented to society. But, while that moment arrives, the Japanese brand is leaving us some brush strokes of interest.

The last one is a teaser image of the back of the new model. Taking a first look at it, you can see just enough to know that the brand’s name will appear in colorful letters on the tailgate. However, looking at it again with a magnifying glass, it is possible to glimpse the great kinship that it will have with the renault capture.

Similar, not exactly the same

Mitsubishi ASX

The features of this image that raise our suspicions are precisely gate shapesas both its edge and the ribs next to the main logo are identical to those of the French car.

But thanks to the data disclosed by Mitsubishi, we can extract more clues to support our suspicions. Let’s start at the beginning: the platform, which is already confirmed to be the CMF-B of the alliance that the diamond firm maintains with Renault and Nissan.

On this platform, in addition to the Captur, they are also assembled other models as el Arkanathe Clio the the Juke.

Mitsubishi ASX

Image of the current Mitsubishi ASX

Let’s continue with engines. According to the Japanese brand, the future ASX will have a range made up of five mechanics. The first three are gasoline, a 1.0 three cylinder and 91 CV and a 1.3 of four with powers of 140 CV y 158 CV. The first two will mount a six-speed manual transmission, while the third will be equipped with a seven-speed automatic as standard.

So far the mechanics in the traditional style, but there is still more. The ASX will also feature two hybrid versions, one self-rechargeable and another plug-in with respective powers of 140 CV y 160 CV. Both are based on the same block 1.6 gasoline, attached to two electric thrusters and an intelligent multi-mode transmission.

And the last big clue: will be manufactured in Valladolid, in the same plant that Renault already uses to… yes, you guessed it, make the current Captur. All the tests seem to point in the same direction, but we will still have to wait a few months to get to know the new ASX in depth and see how close we have come (or wrong) in our assumptions.

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