The new Razer to turn your Android mobile into a portable game console

Razer, a company specialized in devices and accessories for gamers, has just presented its new model mobile phone game controllerthe new Kishi V2, which allows them to be converted into portable game consoles.

Initially, the company is launching the version for Android mobiles at a price of 119 euros, designed to offer maximum compatibility with these devices, including current and future Samsung and Google Pixel mobiles, and promising the launch of a version specifically for iPhone mobiles by the end of this year.

Razer points out that the new Kishi V2 has been inspired by his Wolverine V2 to offer design improvements over the original Kishi controller, both in accessibility and ergonomicsincluding its new simplified and extensible rear bridge system to offer stability and compatibility with the different mobile phones on the market.

It also has a form factor that provides a more comfortable grip, and buttons based on tactile microswitches instead of membranes of the original model, where also the new Share button arrives so that users can share still captures or video segments of key moments of their videos.

Users will have at their disposal dual multi-function buttons and the ability to launch the new companion app called Razer Nexus with just the press of a button.

Powering New Features for Mobile Gaming

This app replaces the original controller companion app, allowing quick access to installed games, streaming capabilities on YouTube or Facebook, as well as allowing discovery of more compatible games to install and access to controller configuration options. .

To make use of this complementary application, Razer Nexus, it will be necessary to have at least Android 9 or later on the smartphone to be able to use it together with the new controller. games.

With the rise of cloud-based gaming and game streaming on mobile platforms in mind, Razer sees the future of handheld gaming as brighter than ever, making it easy for gamers to get everything they need. with this new solution that it is now putting on the market.

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