Todd Philipps has very good news

Todd Phillips gives Joker 2 news, and it’s very, very good. Where is the mysterious project?

Warner Bros. isn’t going to let Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker sleep for very long. After an unprecedented critical and financial success in the DC stable, especially for a feature film with warning, the firm was quick to start production of a sequel. If the project is still quite mysterious, Todd Phillips has just shared good news on social networks.

Things are progressing behind the scenes, the script is visibly over. It was via a publication on Instagram that the filmmaker formalized the return of the actor who plays Arthur Fleck. An image that also tells us the title of this second part. Madness for Twoa rather enigmatic name but which we must admit is rather promising.

Will Joker join forces with a new sidekick? For information, Folie à Deux is a psychiatric term that designates the adoption of the delusional theme of a psychotic individual by a member of his entourage. The Joker will obviously rally some supporters to his cause. Will he cross paths with Harley Quinn? Hard to know at the moment. The casting details are kept secret for the moment, it will probably be necessary to wait to find out more.

The plot of the previous opus had not drawn its inspirations from comics, so for the moment it is difficult to know from what angle this new adventure will be approached. It only remains to hope that this new footage is up to the previous one.

Still independent of the DCEU?

If there is one thing that the DCEU has succeeded in, it is to partition its licenses to explore new genres and themes. Even before the Batman de Matt Reeves, Joker had proven that true artistic ambition should always trump license and franchise expansion. Joker has also established itself as the highest-grossing R-Rated film in history.

We can therefore hope that it will be the same with this second part, which should not hang up the wagons with the rest of the DC and Warner Bros. films. For its part, the DCEU continues its development with several films on the program for the next few months. We will first find Black Adam next October. Under the tree, it’s Shazam ! Fury will be delivered with Zachary Levi and all his clique.

Finally, Aquaman 2 et The Flash will land during the year 2023. Joker 2 will therefore have to find a place within this already busy program. Especially since other successful films have been renewed in the meantime, starting with The Batman who will be entitled to his sequel, as well as to several spin-offs on the HBO Max platform.

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