what do the last two episodes of the season have in store for us?

The creators of Stranger Things confide in the last two episodes and what the little band has in store for us for the finale.

The first part of season 4 of Stranger Things did strong impression to the spectators. In just a few days, the series has already been viewed for almost 335 million hours. A record for the work of the Duffer brothers, which has thus risen to the ranking of the most popular productions of the moment. It’s still a little less than season 2 of The Bridgerton Chronicle, but it shouldn’t have too much trouble surpassing those results.

From now on, the spectators who devoured these first episodes must take their trouble patiently. For the first time in its history, Netflix has chosen to play the extensions with a season 4 divided into two bursts. We thus have two episodes left to discover from the next july 1. And what episodes… The conclusion promises to impose itself as a monstrous spectacle, with more than two and a half hours on the clock.

The creators have also given some details on the content of these.

“There are more VFX shots than the entirety of Season 3. It’s the most complicated thing we’ve tried to do. It’s all in tension, in terror and with a duration longer than that of a film.

bandeau spoilers

A dive into the Upside Down

We’ll probably explore the Upside Down like never before. Episode 7 was generous in revelation, we now know who is the main antagonist of this new season. One has revealed all his secrets, all that remains is to find out how Eleven will put him out of harm’s way. We can also expect to have to say goodbye to some protagonists, at least that’s what that Millie Bobby Brown hopes for.

She recently confided that she hoped to see some of her comrades perish; if only to have fewer protagonists in the group photo. It must be said that some of them are in rather bad shape, starting with Nancy who is stuck in the Upside Down and who seems to be one of Vecna’s next victims.

Barb’s death has traumatized her, and Vecna ​​will exploit this breach to weaken the small group of detectives. These last episodes should thus focus on the reunion of the band, and their battle to free Hawkins from this curse. Hopper, Mike, Eleven, Dustin and the others will come together to fight the origin of the evil that is eating away at the small town.

“One of our favorite things about horror movies is seeing our protagonists being proactive. You know like when in The Lost Generation they decide to go after the vampires. It’s fun to watch people come up with a plan to try and foil a villain’s plans. This is the principle of this second part. But not everything will go as planned.”

See you on July 1 to discover the conclusion of season 4. If it will not be the last, the end is near for the students of Hawkins. Stranger Things will only have a total of 5 seasons.

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