Xiaomi releases successor to the Mi Desk Lamp 1S!

The popular Mi Desk Lamp from Xiaomi gets a new version with improved light quality.

Mi Desk Lamp 1S Enhanced – Upgrade of the popular lamp!

Mi Desk Lamp is a desk lamp. It features a foldable design. With the knob on the base you can turn the lamp on and off, as well as adjust the brightness and color temperature. The smart desk lamp can be cold to warm white from 2600 to 5100 Kelvin. The maximum luminosity is 520 lumens.

The design hasn’t really changed compared to its predecessor. It is well known that inner values ​​count. A new LED module now illuminates your work area. The new model offers Ra95 certification. This measurement should show an accuracy of 95% compared to real daylight. The predecessor had a Ra90 certification.

Like its predecessor, the Enhanced model also works with the Mi Home app. But also with Apple HomeKit. The Mi Desk Lamp 1S is available in Germany for 40 euros, so unfortunately the predecessor. The enhanced version should cost a little more.


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