Emelia, the cheap alternative to Lemlist and Mailshake to send cold emails

Sending emails in search of new clients is a controversial activity, since it is easy to cross the line of spam. You have to know very well how, when and to whom to send the information, and have the life of the email sent registered so as not to insist with someone who is not interested in what we offer.

To manage these «cold emails«, there are well-known tools, such as Lemlist and Mailshake, but the cost is usually very high for those who do not have a large volume of business.

Today we have met an interesting alternative at a much lower price. Is about Emeliaand although it has much less time to live than the rest, it promises a lot.

While Lemlist or Mailshake can cost hundreds of dollars a month, Emelia starts at $20, offering the following features:

– Sending programmed e-mail sequences per day, hour by minute
– Configure shipping days, intervals between shipments, time zones, limits and conditions
– Connect a Gmail, Google Workspace or Microsoft account
– Automate workflows with Zapier, n8n or Make (ex Integromat)
– Connect a CRM (Hubspot, Pipedrive)
– Establish a report.

These are basic features on these types of platforms, offered for $20/month for 3 accounts and $6 per additional account ($240/year compared to $2,100 with Mailshake or Lemlist).

They also have two additional functions more exclusive to their platform.

– They store all invalid emails from their users’ campaigns. In this way, if a new user adds an email that was not valid, it suggests not sending it.
– For customers with more than 20 email addresses, they propose merging the accounts into one campaign, thus making it easier to manage.

They also have HTML signatures, scrolling text, AB testing, a blacklist, and a 14-day trial.

Now they are already working on the Spanish version, at the moment it is only in English and French.

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