Ghostbusters offers two new projects that will delight fans

After the success of the last film, the Ghostbusters franchise is far from having said its last word. Two new projects are in development.

The partnership between Sony and Netflix begins to bear fruit. To increase its ranks, the platform multiplies prestigious collaborations. Le N rouge offers itself this time one of the most popular licenses: Ghostbusters. After the success of Afterlife, directed by Jason Reitman, the saga of ghosts is far from having bowed out. She invests this time on the side of the animation, and it is far from being the first time.

In 1986, two years after the release of the first film Ghostbusters, a first animated series is unveiled to the public. The success is immediate, she will be entitled to 7 seasons aired until 1991 on the ABC channel. In France, it is on Canal+ that the public can discover it. It will also have its heyday on TF1, with numerous reruns in certain children’s programs.

Nostalgia being an unstoppable selling point, Netflix therefore plans to resurrect this Proust madeleine on its behalf. At least that’s what the platform was saying yesterday during its conference Geeked Week. Few plot details have been released so far. The service is doing its usual withholding information. The presence of Jason Reitman, son of the filmmaker at the origin of the saga, nevertheless has something to reassure us.

He will not be the only master on board since Gil Kenan will also be there. The screenwriter had also worked on the writing ofAfterlife. It remains to be seen now which countries this animated series will explore.

A new movie at the cinema

As good news never comes alone, Sony also took advantage of Ghostbusters Day to announce the development of a new project related to the universe. Ghostbusters is going to treat itself to a new film, whose code name is FIREHOUSE. Obvious reference to the emblematic place of the Ghostbusters company, this title confirms that we will once again explore the dark alleys of the Big Apple.

And Afterlife took place in the open countryside, the franchise returns to its New York roots for this new adventure. Jason Reitman, determined to take up the torch, will lead this new project. He explains that the plot should pick up where we left off. “Ecto-1 was last seen heading to Manhattan: home of the Ghostbusters. This is where our story begins.”

It is very likely that we will find some of the characters that we were able to discover in the previous part. Winston Zeddmore seemed determined to revive his business, he will no doubt recruit the young cast to help him in his business. Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) et McKenna Grace (Captain Marvel) have largely conquered the spectators, Sony should offer them a new opportunity to shine on the screen.

The release date has not yet been set.but we can expect more information in the coming months.

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