How much does the Microlino cost? Online configurator and official price in Europe

We are finally there: the Swiss company Micro is about to launch today 9 June 2022 on online configurator of the new Microlino – of which we also know the official price.

The cute electric quadricycle that we have already seen live in Milan (to find out more: we got on the Microlino) is sold in Switzerland to official starting price of 14,990 CHF including VAT, which at the direct exchange rate are 14,553 euros. In the rest of Europe the base price will be 12,500 euros excluding VAT (therefore in Italy we should go from 15,000 euros upwards), the exact prices for each country will then be announced at the time of the actual launch.

Model Pioneer fully equipped with medium battery starts at 20,990 CHF including VAT and there will be only 999 examples. Swiss customers just need to pay a deposit of 500 CHF to secure a place on the waiting list, while in other European countries, deposits will be rolled out gradually. Recall that to date Micro has already collected 30,000 bookingswith customers who can configure their Microlino starting today (at the time of writing the configurator is not yet active but it will be a matter of hours, you can find it at the following link: configure Microlino).

Technically, the Microlino offers 12.5 kW of nominal power, 230 liters of boot volume and up to 230 km of autonomy. Despite being a Swiss product, Microlino is built in Italy, in Turin, and 90% of its components are produced in Europe. You drive with a B license or a B1 from the age of 16, it is also perfectly compatible with ours new car and motorcycle incentives 2022therefore on the price excluding VAT we can have a discount of 30% without scrapping (up to 3,000 euros) and 40% (up to 4,000 euros) with scrapping of a polluting vehicle.

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