iPads will soon no longer be HomeKit hubs!

A handy feature from Apple will end with iPadOS 16. iPads can no longer be used as HomeKit centers with the iPadOS 16 update.

iPads lose useful feature!

Anyone who has used their iPad as a HomeKit center will soon be out of luck. iPadOS 16 no longer supports this feature.

I can not understand Apple. It couldn’t have been more practical. An older iPad served perfectly as a HomeKit hub. This function will no longer be available with the new iPadOS 16. That means in the future you will definitely need either a HomePod or an Apple TV as a HomeKit hub.

To be honest, it’s not clear to me why Apple is taking this step. But who knows, maybe a new product is coming up and is intended for exactly that. The Home app continues to run on iPadOS, so at least the interface is preserved.

Apple might also want to increase the stability of the HomeKit hubs. An iPad is not always connected to the power supply and can sometimes be taken along. HomeKit will also get a major update this year. A new standard (matter) will make it possible to connect devices from all manufacturers.

Still a pity. Older iPads were perfect for this. Let’s hope that an Apple develops a real control center as an independent product and also markets it cheaply. Did you use an iPad for HomeKit? Write it in the comments.


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