stop on the sale of petrol, diesel and LPG cars from 2035

The Europe project was already clear: produce only electric cars starting in 2035. Only officiality was missing, which arrived right now, when the plenary of the European Parliament endorsed the proposal to stop the sale of all petrol, diesel and LPG cars starting in 2035.

A last-minute amendment by the EPP that proposed a reduction in emissions of 90% instead of the expected 100% did not help. The votes of MEPs speak for themselves: 339 votes in favor of stopping combustion engine carsagainst 249 votes against and 24 abstentions.

The so-called “save Motor Valley” amendment proposed by the Italian MEPs, which was intended to at least partially safeguard niche manufacturers, and in this case the numerous supercar companies in our country, has not passed. Therefore, the exemption for companies that produce 1000 to 10,000 cars a year and 1000 to 22,000 vans will officially expire in 2030.

The die is therefore cast, and some of the complications are already emerging that will arise from this choice. The director of Anfia, Gianmarco Giorda, in fact expressed his disappointment by stating that “70,000 jobs will be at risk in the automotive industry, linked to the production of components that will no longer be used with electricity”.

To this are added numerous global studies that demonstrate the inadequacy of charging infrastructureswhich absolutely must improve if we want to think about a completely electric future.

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