The price of the Proscenic M8 Pro robot vacuum cleaner drops sharply thanks to this code

When you enter this code on GeekBuying, this robot vacuum cleaner, the Proscenic M8 Pro, will become irresistible.

The market for robot vacuum cleaners is constantly changing, evolving and for some manufacturers, revolutionizing the daily lives of users. For its part, the Proscenic M8 Pro will not only revolutionize your daily life, no longer need to vacuum every day, but also considerably improve your purchasing power, in particular thanks to its current promotion.

Indeed, for a few hours only, the Proscenic M8 Pro is at a very attractive price at GeekBuying, where you can find it at the price of 330 euros instead of 355.67 euros (672.90 euros originally) using the code NNNGIZPMPRO. Free shipping from Poland.

Take advantage of the offer

A Proscenic M8 Pro that has a very precise eye, you will be jealous

The Proscenic vacuum cleaner does not equip its M8 Pro with a simple sensor, but rather a sensor similar to that of the iPhone. The latter brings undeniable advantages.

First, the addition of such a sensor will allow the Proscenic M8 Pro to be much more precise in its movements. Moreover, he will be able to more easily capture the obstacles in front of him, looking for an easier way to get around them without automatically being confused.

In a second step, the sensor will come to analyze everything that is in the room. The artificial intelligence will make a 3D plan of the room to sublimate, or rather considerably improve its cleaning cycle.

3000 Pa of power for 256 minutes of happiness

Once again, Proscenic has not gone overboard and wishes above all to improve your comfort and your daily life. The Proscenic M8 Pro embeds in its chassis a motor capable of having a maximum power of 3,000 Pa, a 5,200 mAh battery capable of restoring 256 minutes of autonomy as well as a 280 mL tank.

All these advantages will make the Proscenic M8 Pro even more autonomous, especially if you plan to use it every day. But that’s not all, since the M8 Pro also has a tank for the mop mode of 310 mL. The latter can, therefore, vacuum and mop at the same time so that you can enter your home with peace of mind.

And to be more…

The Proscenic M8 Pro will be sent to you with a base to collect all the dust contained in the tank. The latter will be sucked up at the end of the program, or when the latter is full. Of course, he will return to complete his cycle when necessary.

As a reminder, the Proscenic M8 Pro is on sale at GeekBuying at the price of 330 euros instead of 355.67 euros (672.90 euros originally) using the code NNNGIZPMPRO. Free shipping from Poland.

Take advantage of the offer

Take advantage of the offer

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