three new electrified models and continuity to León, Formentor and Born by 2025

The Terramar Autodrome has been the place chosen by CUPRA to present its plans and ambitions for the future in the medium and long term. Led by an unparalleled product offensive, CUPRA He has told us how he wants to sell 500,000 cars worldwide in a very short time. The key, a product offensive like no other. We tell you.

Wayne GriffithsPresident of SEAT SA was in charge of directing an event in which his tribe (that’s what they call each other) of managers have been working for a long time.

Cupra Urban Rebel 13 Hq

At the Terramar Autodrome, the same location where the CUPRA brand was presented in 2018 independently of the SEAT brand (but not at the company level), it was the setting chosen for a lavish dimensionsof those that we were no longer used to seeing from a car brand since the COVID pandemic changed the world in 2020.

And it is that CUPRA, the pandemic caught him in full explosion as a brand. A brand that many doubted at first (including me), but judging by its sales figures and profitability, beyond some products that set a benchmark in its segments, it has been an absolute success. And what is yet to come.

three new cars

Cupra Impulse Event 01 Hq

In the presence of the highest regional authorities, with Pere Aragonés, President of the Generalitat de Catalunya, illustrious figures such as Joan Laporta, President of Fútbol Club Barcelona, ​​and ambassadors such as Alexia Putellas, winner of the Ballon d’Or in soccer, or Olympian Saúl Cravioto, CUPRA brought out chest and showed muscle in every way in an event that amazed the world.

Griffiths began by reviewing CUPRA’s history. To date they have sold 200,000 units in the markets where they operate. If we look at turnover, CUPRA has gone from 430 million euros in 2018 to almost 2.2 billion euros in 2021.

Cupra Urban Rebel 15 Hq

They have exceeded even the most ambitious expectations in and out of the Volkswagen Group. A significant figure is that in the first quarter of 2022, as many CUPRA Formentors were sold in Europe as the rest of the SEAT SUV range combined. And logically, they do not intend to stop this impulse.

A few months ago they announced that CUPRA intends double their sales, their turnover and their global network of CUPRA Masters and CUPRA City Garages during the year 2022. They are immersed in the opening of markets as distant as Australia, and do not close their doors to others. Even the United States could have a CUPRA in a not too distant period of time.

The fact of having the presence of top-level representatives of the Volkswagen Group, as well as members of the Porsche and Piëch shareholder families, was not by chance. They believe in CUPRA.

Once they had finished reviewing CUPRA’s success to date, the star moment of the night arrived. We were going to meet the next three models of CUPRA that will reach the market: CUPRA Terramar, CUPRA Tavascan and CUPRA UrbanRebel.

CUPRA Terramar

The first car unveiled from this family of “heroes for a new era”, as they were called during the event, was the CUPRA Terramar, which will arrive in 2024.

It is a sports SUV whose name pays homage to the well-known Sitges circuit where we were. Seen in person and explained by the CUPRA Design Director Jorge DíezThe truth is that the car has a very attractive appearance, maintaining the features that have made the Formentor successful, although duly adapted to a larger segment.

The CUPRA Terramar will be the last CUPRA model to be developed to mount combustion, since it will be available with conventional mechanics and also with the next generation of hybridization that should give it around 100 kilometers of electric autonomy. This model will be manufactured in Hungary, at Audi’s Györ plant, since it shares a base with the Audi Q3.

“Terramar is the place where everything started for CUPRA. Our new sports hybrid SUV perfectly combines striking proportions with an elongated bonnet and a shark nose, which represent the determination to win”, says Jorge Díez, CUPRA Design Director. “Thinking about how the person who gets behind the wheel will feel, we offer a unique experience with the most advanced technology thanks to the driver-oriented interior concept. In short, it is a 4.5 meter long SUV, with CUPRA DNA and ready to stand out in one of the most competitive segments”.

CUPRA Tavascan

Cupra Impulse Event 01 Hq

In 2019, half the world fell in love with the CUPRA Tavascan prototype. Without straying too far from the lines of that flashy coupé-looking SUV, Griffiths unveiled the production model that will hit the streets towards the end of 2024.

“It will be the model that will help expand the brand into new markets,” they said during the presentation in which the car looked again with Jorge Díez explaining its design, marked by the shark nose at the front, the very marked shoulders at the rear and some more than obvious similarities with the Lamborghini Urus, which we could consider a distant cousin of this.

In both the Tavascan and the Terramar, the three triangular-shaped LED daytime running lights were perfectly appreciated, which will mark the look of the CUPRA from now on

In 2025 the UrbanRebel will hit the market

Cupra Urban Rebel

Of the models presented at the CUPRA night in Sitges, without a doubt the one that attracted the most attention was the UrbanRebel. It is a new model developed on front-wheel drive MEB platform for small vehicles of the Volkswagen Group.

As a 100% electric vehicle, the UrbanRebel, with its 4.03 meters in length, aims to be the gateway to electric mobility, and to do so by providing the touch rebellious and carefree that characterizes the CUPRA brand, hence its name.

SEAT SA will design and develop the future family of electric models for the different brands of the Volkswagen Group

Developed and designed in Barcelona, ​​its production is planned for the plant of Martorellalthough it is pending final confirmation based on the PERTE resolution.

Su design It is curious, since although it is still a prototype, its dimensions are supposed to be close to those that apply to the street model when its development is complete. The front is very marked by the shark nose once again, but also by the lines that stress the hood.

Otherwise, it highlights the pillar A of the bodywork in black, which together with the section of the side windows make the car look very groundbreaking for its segment. The effect they seek to achieve, as Jorge Diéz told us, is that you feel like when you wear a helmet, in which you only have a forward field of vision.

Cupra Urban Rebel 10 Hq

In the back, the CUPRA logo illuminated with LED technology is accompanied by a line that goes to the optical groups located once again in the most pronounced part of the car’s shoulders. There the Urban Rebel name is perfectly integrated into the optics.

Accompanying this set of lights, in the upper part we find a spoiler of considerable dimensions that protrudes from the rear window, although it must be said that it is infinitely more discreet than that of the Urban Rebel Concept of competition that we met a few months ago.

On a mechanical level, it mounts an electric motor of 226 CV with which they assure it is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.9 seconds and reaching a maximum autonomy of up to 440 kilometers for the Range version.

Renewed versions of the CUPRA León, Born and Formentor

CUPRA Leon 2025

From the media deployment at the event, it was clear that CUPRA wanted to make people talk and make it very clear in the industry and even within the Volkswagen Group that they come with very clear ideas and ambition.

For this reason, after leaving everyone present speechless with the three short-term arrival models, and because of the innovative way they had to present the UrbanRebel with the use of 3D technology and virtual reality glasses, it surprised everyone present that had reserved a dessert the sea of ​​succulent

When the three cars were together on stage, Griffiths gave the order to open the four rear doors and there we could see, just for a few seconds, the new front appearance that the cars will have. CUPRA Leon, Born and Formentor when they receive their facelift in 2025. Yes, we have traveled for a few seconds three years forward in time. And what we have seen we have liked.

CUPRA Formentor 2025

The good news is that the continuity of the Formentor, Born and León models is confirmed in the coming years, the latter with a compact family body. Therefore the only relegated will be the CUPRA Ateca which seems to disappear definitively in favor of the new electrified SUVs.

All this accompanied by a firm commitment to Spain by CUPRA and the Volkswagen Group, who have presented the “Future: Fast Forward”, the project to mobilize €10 billion to electrify Spain. In the words of Griffiths, “it is the largest individual industrial investment in the history of Spain”.

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