“We could miss the last races”

What the budget ceiling for Formula 1 teams was going to bring controversy was sung. In a category in which the greats rule and want nothing to do with equality and spectacle, but rather inconsequential victories, the political battle has already begun after just seven races. And the first sanctions have already arrived.

Red Bull threatened during the Monaco Grand Prix that if the budget cap was not rectified there was a possibility of missing a race at the end of the year. And it is that 135 million euros come to nothing for machinery accustomed to burning banknotes without hesitation in pursuit of victory.

Williams is the first team fined over the budget cap

Horner Red Bull F1 2022

Christian Horner warned in Monaco: “several teams could miss the last four races to meet the spending cap this year. It’s not just about the big teams, but also those in the middle, which are also suffering from the problems of inflation”. A veiled threat so that, againthe rules are changed in the middle of the game.

The rumor mill in the paddock suggests that the great improvement of Red Bull at the start of the season, recovering all the technical advantage that Ferrari had, was due to the fact that have consumed much of their budget limitand now they would be starting a political battle to have it abolished or at least loosened for the rest of the year.

Leclerc Monaco F1 2022

That is why Marc Gené, Ferrari’s ambassador, did not hesitate to explain in public that “Horner is a master of politics and he is using it as a measure of pressure because have already spent a lot on the development of the car and wants to have more”. The cards, face up. In Ferrari they are scared that the usual manipulation of the FIA ​​​​truncates the world championship.

It seems that Mercedes is also aligned on the side of Red Bull when it comes to increasing the budget ceiling, and Ferrari would also be there but from next season. However, teams like Alpine, Haas, Williams y Alfa Romeo They don’t want to know anything about the subject, and at the moment they are avoiding it.

Albon Monaco F1 2022

Interestingly, one of these teams has been the first fined for breaching the budget limit. This is Williams, although it is because they have not submitted all the required documentation before May 31. they will have to pay a fine of 23,382 euros within 30 days.

A case that has opened another debate. The one of if it is correct that the penalty for not complying the budget ceiling is an economic fine. Of course, for the coffers of the FIA ​​​​it is the most profitable, but it would not prevent someone with the money for punishment from assuming the payment of those fines in order to win.

Fernando Alonso refuses a wage limit for drivers

Alonso Verstappen F1 2022

Another issue that is being considered lately is to set a salary limit for pilots. The first who has been strongly against is Fernando Alonso: “The pilots have never been involved in this matter”assures the Asturian, defending that the lack of mechanical equality in Formula 1 does not depend on them.

Alonso alleges that “we are increasingly using to promote Formula 1, we do not stop doing events. We are more in contact with the fans and with the paddock. They ask us more and more and they benefit from it, so we should not be included in that limit. “And it is that the life of the pilot has long been not limited only to driving.

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