What’s new from Google to better understand the changes that occur on the planet

Arrives Dynamic Worldthe new platform launched by Google in collaboration with the World Resources Institute (WRI) to show, in near real time, and under a ground cover with a resolution of ten meters, the changes that occur around the planet caused by both climate change and human activity in different parts of the world, serving as a place on the web where to offer detailed data on these changes and enable the understanding of the impact that these changes may have on the human being.

Dynamic World uses Google Earth Engine and AI Platform technologies to provide global coverage, with an unprecedented level of detail, of the changes that occur anywhere in the world, serving so that legislators, scientists, and even interested people, can monitor the changes that occur anywhere in the world, thus allowing them to make more precise predictions and more effective plans in order to minimize the impact that these changes may generate in the human being.

With the World Resources Institute (WRI)in Dynamic World it has been approached nine most critical land cover types on the planet classified as follows: water, flooded vegetation, built-up areas, trees, crops, bare soil, grass, shrubs/shrubs, and snow/ice.

With the use of artificial intelligence and Google cloud computing to carry out combinations of different land cover types will make predictions as accurate as possible about the probability that each of the nine types is present in each pixelwhich will represent about 1,100 square feet of land on a satellite image.

Dynamic World becomes the alternative to the different existing data setswhich usually only offer a single type of land cover to a specific area of ​​​​the planet.

Wake up Google:

This level of knowledge about how land is used can help public, private, and non-profit decision makers better understand what is happening to the world’s land. With this knowledge, they can develop plans to protect, manage, and restore the land, and monitor the effectiveness of those plans using alert systems to notify when unforeseen land changes occur.

Interested parties can attend to its official website although it is also present in Google Earth Engine and Resource Watch.

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