Amazon explodes the price of the Crucial P5 Plus SSD, ideal for your PS5!

Amazon is offering the latest Crucial P5 Plus SSD at a bargain price, an ideal companion for PS5 users or those who want a fast PC.

The Crucial P5 Plus PCIe SSD is an internal NVMe Gen4 SSD offering great performance for a contained price, especially when it’s on sale at Amazon. at only 109.99 euros for the 1TB version (instead of 173 euros).

I take advantage of the offer

Crucial P5 Plus SSD: high-end performance

By leveraging the first storage volumes of 176-layer NAND, this Crucial P5 Plus SSD helps reduce power consumption, increase speed, and deliver denser storage solutions. Plus, Micron’s advanced 3D TLC 176L NAND technology and innovative controller technology, deliver up to 66% faster sequential write speeds and nearly twice as fast sequential reads as Crucial SSDs of previous generation.

Indeed, with read speeds of up to 6600MB, the Crucial P5 Plus SSD also enables up to 67% faster random read speeds and up to 40% faster random write performance compared to Crucial Gen3 SSDs. It is ideal for a new version of a PCIe Gen4 PC, an upgrade from a PCIe Gen3 system, or to optimize your PS5 with more high-performance storage. The P5 Plus offers wide compatibility and has been tested on both Intel and AMD platforms. Likewise, this Crucial PCIe Gen4 SSD is backwards compatible with most Gen3 PCs that support M.2 formats.

Efficient and useful, this Crucila P5 Plus SSD is therefore on sale at Amazon at 109.99 euros in its 1TB version.

I take advantage of the offer

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