Android will warn you if an app has access to more content than necessary

A few days ago, Google released the third beta of Android 13 and we found some new features that reinforce the new security and privacy dynamics that we saw in previous versions.

In this new version we find that Google resolves a situation that could occur with some applications that will not be “compatible” with the permission dynamics proposed by Android 13.

Android 13 will notify you when “unsupported” apps request permissions

Google wants users to always have control over the permissions that applications request. We have already seen that Android 13 will implement a new permissions system for apps that request access to media files.

Unlike the current dynamic, permissions will be granular and apps will only be able to access the type of file that corresponds to their operation. For example, a music app will only be granted permission to access the “music and audio files” that we have on the device, but will not be able to access the rest of the multimedia content.

However, this could represent a problem for “old” apps that “are not compatible” with this new dynamic that Android 13 will implement. But Google has already solved this situation.

As can be seen in the latest beta of Android 13, the user will be notified when an unsupported app requests permission to access media content. Before granting any permission, it will be made clear to the user that the app is not compatible with the latest version of Android, and as a consequence, the permission system cannot be implemented individually.

So if you request permission to access the “music and audio files” you will also have access to “the photos and videos” of our mobile. That is, you will have access to all media files. While the user will have no other options than to accept or not, they will know what type of permissions they are granting to that application.

And this follows the line that we have seen in almost all the news of Android 13, which allows the user to always be informed about the permissions and operation of the apps.

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