Apple TV app: HDR10+ brings better video quality and billions of new colors


The Apple TV app will get better image quality with HDR10+ in the future – and the hardware support for the Apple TV itself will also be further expanded with tvOS 16.

HDR10+ expands the color gamut of the Apple TV app by billions of colors.

HDR10+ expands the color gamut of the Apple TV app by billions of colors. (Source: Apple)

  • The Apple TV app will also support HDR10+ in the future.
  • This significantly improves the image quality of video content.
  • tvOS 16 also brings support for Nintendo Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers to the Apple TV.

Next to the iOS 16 for the iPhone brings Apple also the tvOS 16 on the Apple TV. The Apple TV app is also getting an upgrade for better picture quality: the video standard HDR10+ is to be introduced there in the future.

Apple TV app: what does HDR10+ bring?

HDR10+ improves the color and contrast representation of content and thus the general picture quality like the competitor product Dolby Vision. Deep black and glowing sparks should look even more impressive on the screen of compatible end devices.

As a further development of the HDR10 standard, HDR10+ thus includes a color spectrum of 12 bits, which can represent billions of color tones more than its predecessor. The latter are particularly important in the case of soft color gradients, which therefore appear much smoother.

The most advanced HDR standards HDR 10+ Adaptive and Dolby Vision IQ can even automatically adjust the image to the ambient brightness.

tvOS 16 compatible with Nintendo controllers

The manufacturer from Cupertino also wants to provide its new operating system for the Apple TV with additional hardware compatibility, which gamers in particular should be happy about: After the Xbox and Playstation controllers, tvOS 16 should also support the Nintendo Joy-Con and Pro Controller support switches.

This was confirmed by Apple to the English-language specialist medium ““. With the iOS 16 you can also use the Nintendo controller for your iPhone use.

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