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In Switzerland there is a company specializing in electric mobility called Micro which in recent years has made headlines for two products in particular: the first is the Microlettawhose designer is a very young Italian boy whom we interviewed (interview with the designer of the Microletta Roberto Sonza), the second is the Microlino (we got on the Microlino), an interesting electric quadricycle that has had a somewhat troubled life.
After a few years of waiting, and a completely revised and corrected 2.0 version, today we are finally facing the series version of the Microlino, which can only be configured for a few hours. The Microlino online configurator it was in fact launched on 9 June and we immediately tried to configure one: this is how much the various versions and options cost in Italy.

We configure the Microlino Urban in Italy

The new Swiss Microlino, which however is proudly produced in Turin, is launched in three editions, of which a special limited edition, the Pioneer Edition. The other versions are instead Urban, Dolce e Competition. Let’s start configuring an Urban.
The Microlino Urban is the only one that does not offer the standard sunroof, but has Urban LED interior headlights, Sport Mode, dual display inside the passenger compartment and heating. His starting price is 14,990 euros in coloring Santorini Whitewhile theAmsterdam Orange costs 490 euros more.

The interior can be improved with the Premium Package for 390 euros more, and among the additions there is an integrated Bluetooth speaker, more interior space, an electric micro scooter integrated in the trunk, digital speedometer, Bi-LED headlights, four USB ports and much more – a package that could really be worth the money it costs.
The Urban “base” also comes with “uncovered” steel rims, 190 euros are required for the wheel covers. The sunroof is a € 590 option, as are the € 590 premium interior. The battery, on the other hand, is not configurable: you have to settle for the Standard Range with 91 km of autonomy. If you start adding options to this version, perhaps the Dolce might be worth it.

The price of the Microlino Dolce

The Microlino Dolce comes with a standard sunroof, different colors with chrome details, a vegan leather steering wheel and an extra “soft” locking system compared to the Urban one starting price of 16,390 euros. Five colors available, four of which for a fee of 490 euros. Also in this case we can embellish everything with the Premium Package and Premium interiors at € 390 and € 590 respectively.

The wheels come with Urban cover as standard or Dolce at 190 euros more. With the Dolce we can finally configure the battery: the Standard Range is 91 km as standard, while at 1,990 euros more we can have the Medium Range with 177 km of autonomy. At the top of the range we have the Long Range with 230 km of autonomy and a price of 3,500 euros.

The price of the Microlino Competizione

Jumping to the Microlino Competizione we can have the stock Medium Range battery and “Competizione” interior, in addition to the eye-catching Infinity LED Light Bar. In this case we start from 18,590 euros and is the most complete series variant. Three colors are available, with the Gotham Black Matt standard and the remaining two at 490 euros.

Again we can have Premium Package and interior Premium competition. The wheel covers are Urban as standard or Competizione at 190 euros. The battery can be had Medium Range with 177 km of autonomy or Long Range for 1,500 euros more, thus exceeding the psychological threshold of 20,090 euros.

The complete Pioneer Edition

Finally we come to the Microlino Pioneer: there will be only 999 and they will have priority delivery, therefore they will be the first to arrive on European roads (and Swiss in primis). The starting price is 20,990 euros with 177 km Medium Range battery, the only one available.

It is the Full Optional variant of the range, in fact you have everything included and there is nothing to configure as an option. However, you can combine the Pioneer Membership from € 1,999 one-offwhich ensures priority delivery, an electric micro scooter integrated in the trunk worth € 1,000, exclusive access to dedicated events, Trade-in offers for future purchases, VIP Support and much more.

The Microlino Pioneer will be delivered starting from summer 2022Dolce and Competizione will arrive at the end of 2022 / early 2023, while the Urban will be the last to arrive: it will take the second quarter of 2023. Finally, remember that the Microlino is compatible with new car and motorcycle incentives 2022 Italians, which allow you to have the quadricycle with 3,000 euros discount without scrapping, 4,000 euros discount with scrapping a polluting vehicle.

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