Meta ends production of smart displays!

Meta stops producing its smart displays. Unfortunately, the production of AR glasses should also be delayed.

Facebook portal is discontinued!

If you don’t know Meta, it’s basically Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. Meta has decided not to manufacture any Smart Displays from the Portal range. Several US media sources are reporting that new units are no longer being made. The portal displays that have already been produced will continue to be sold.

The devices were not offered in Germany anyway. Accordingly, we are not affected by this. Meta’s portal displays had a special function. Thanks to the AI-controlled cameras, the image was always zoomed in on the face of the individual participant. In addition, a smart audio function eliminated disruptive background noise. Actually perfect for the Corona period, but for some reason it was not successful.

Bloomberg also reports that the meta smartwatch has also been discontinued. The production of the AR glasses codenamed “Nazare” has been postponed. Meta wants to reduce costs with it.

Of course, Meta wants to continue working on the VR and AR glasses. Because without the hardware you can hardly do anything in Metaversum. Meta is still working on the development of several VR glasses. In addition to the high-end model, there will be two more models for beginners.


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