Slite, to work remotely managing documents and making decisions

There are many existing tools designed to facilitate the work of teams remotely. From the great ones provided by Google, to initiatives like Slack, which have been impressively making their way in this segment, each of them is designed for different types of needs.

Today I will tell you about a not very well known. This is Slite, a solution that includes remote document management and functions designed to make it easy to make decisions remotely.

Slite has presented a platform designed to speed up the making of important decisions, without the need for endless Zoom calls or thousands of chat threads or scattered comments.

Slite enables teams to drive rich conversations focused on clear decisions, directly with the right documentation, so you don’t have to jump from one platform to another.

It has a Wiki section to store documentation; one of projects to know which document is being worked on at all times, with a color code indicating the priority and status of each one; one of processes, with diagrams that indicate the steps that must be taken to jump from one state to another; task and contact lists; meeting room; important project updates and much more.

Slite has a free plan limited to 50 documentsideal to test if it is the solution we need to waste less time with endless meetings.

Choosing a solution that increases the productivity of a group is not an easy task. Everyone is reluctant to change, and no one likes to be constantly controlled, much less when there is home working in the middle, but it is necessary to organize a structure and define dates, obligations and a clear direction in the company’s strategy.

Slite is shown as a great option, although I miss its translation into Spanish.


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