Sonos Ray: cheaper WiFi soundbar is now available

The Sonos ecosystem is enriched with a more compact and, importantly, more affordable soundbar. The Sonos Ray is now commercially available (e.g. at Amazon*) available.

According to Sonos, the new TV soundbar offers “balanced sound”, “crystal-clear dialogue” and “powerful bass”. The back of the soundbar has a power connector and an Ethernet port to connect it to the network. There is also an optical connection, but the buyer has to do without HDMI. However, it is still possible to control the soundbar with the TV remote control.

Savings were also made on the microphones. Means the soundbar cannot accept voice commands. If you already own a smart speaker from Google or Amazon, you can control the soundbar via Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant. Apple’s AirPlay streaming technology is natively supported.

The Ray also supports the Trueplay function, which allows you to adapt the speaker’s sound characteristics to the room.

cost point? The Sonos Ray is available in stores for around 295 euros. For comparison: The Sonos Beam with integrated microphones costs a whopping 480 euros.

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